July 24, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 14 and 15

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 14
Harry’s POV
I went home disappointed. I wanted to love her and give her everything but she insulted me on my face. It’s time I get Sofia, I know they aren’t together with Scot so I will try and see who wins. She is just simple and innocent.
Lily’s POV
You can imagine he invites me to such a cheap place.
Do I look poor to him. I got home and mom isn’t yet back, this is my perfect opportunity to visit Scot. Sofia can’t leave Glenn alone. I changed into a shorter and sexy umbrella dress.
‘Where are you going dressed like that?’ Sofia asked.
‘It’s none of your business,’ I replied and left the house.
I took a taxi and told the driver to stop at a distance and trekked to his house. His parents stay in Europe so he lives alone.
How I found out his house isn’t your problem. I knocked at the door and after a while it open bringing him to view. He only had white shirts with no top and his cute chest was showing. I started admiring him forgetting I wanted to make him mine.
‘Hi,’ his voice brought me back to earth and it sounded like an angel.
‘So you stay here, I was around and I felt thirsty so I decided to ask for some water. I forgot to carry mine,’ I said and smiled inwardly at the perfect lie I came up with.
‘Come in,’ he said and moved to allow me in.
His house was beautifully decorated. Most of the things were made of glass and we’re sparkling clean. He left me there and I guess he was going to get the water. I looked around the house and spotted a picture of a woman him and a man and they were all smiling. Maybe her mom and dad. He came back with a glass of water and only took a sip before placing the glass on the table.
‘Are these your parents?’ I asked and he nodded.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 15
Sofia’s POV
We were playing video games when I got a text from Scot.
????Your sister is in my house and she is dressed somehow.
????Am sorry I didn’t know she was coming to your house.
????What is she here for?
????Ask her.
????Okay catch up later.
Scot’s POV
I was relaxing when she came in. I just acted like I was satisfied with her excuse but it wasn’t making sense and I even proved it when she didn’t take the water. I sat back on the couch and texted Sofia and she was just there staring at me like a ghost.
‘What else brought you here?’ I asked when I she started making herself comfortable in my house.
‘Since an here and I feel tired, let me just relax before going home,’ she said.
I think something is wrong with this girl. How on earth does she want to relax in my house yet we aren’t even friends.
‘You can,’ I said and went to my room to put on a shirt.
I came back and she had pulled her dress higher.
‘And what do you think you are doing?’ I asked irritated.
This girl is only fifteen, unfortunately the angels given the assignment to work on her, we’re in a hurry. You can think she is twenty.
‘Don’t you love what you see?’ she asked seductively.
‘Get your useless self out of my house,’ I yelled at her and she flinched.
‘I will report you of attempted rape,’ she said after a while.
‘Just leave,’ I yelled as I opened my door.
She was still standing at the same spot.
She picked her purse and left.
She thinks she can scare me. My house has CCTV’s and I will produce the video to the police, so I don’t care about here threats.
I picked my phone to call Sofia, but giving it a second thought she may think am trying to defend myself.

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