July 28, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 26

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 26

(Playing games with her)

Gosh! What the hell did Cody just do?locked me inside here… And do I have to come here in the first place?

Damn it! I maintained a look of desperation to get out and frustration that Cody may not open this door tomorrow for real

I stood and walked to and fro the living room hoping that Cody will open the damn door. I’m not even interested in seeing Sawyer again, I just wanna get out

“Hi” I heard a soft familiar voice called from behind and I turned to see who it was

I keep starting at her blankly without saying a word

“I’m sorry for disturbing you with my kite ” She pleaded

“Who cares? Come and open the damn door and let me get out of here ” I commanded

“Oh!” She expressed her surprised and went to the door, after twisting the knob several times , she corroborates that it’s locked from outside for real

“Cody must have done this , only he can open it ” She said and I sunk back to the chair exasperatingly

“But we could catch some fun though ” She suggested and I shot her a disgusting and angry look

“Fun! With you…do I look like your friend?” I asked sternly

“We, you do not have to be my friend for us to have fun” she replied , smiling , a happy expression could be seen on her face

Is she perhaps happy that I’m being stuck here or what?

“What’s the fun though” I asked curiously

“It could be anything ,let’s start by dancing together” She said ,stood and walked to the electronic set up in the room and start to play music

“Switch off the damn thing girl! ” I yelled and she shook in fear.

She hurriedly went back to the electronic set up and stopped the music player

“I’m sure if it were Ruby, you will dance with her ” She said

“Excuse me? I hate dancing…get that into your skull girl ” I replied filling so pissed at the girl

“How about we play chess together ,don’t tell me you hate it…I’m sure if Ruby request for anything , you will grant her willingly ” She said and that hurts me

What the hell is this girl thinking ? Ruby is just my friend and not even a close friend at that

“Bring the chess ” I said not wanting her to have the intention that I like Ruby because I plainly just like her faintly like a friend

“One minute ” She let out happily and ran inside probably to bring the chess tablet

Gosh! I can’t visualize myself playing games with this rude girl

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