June 10, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 27

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 27

(She kissed you)

Sawyer’s POV

I’m just so happy seeing him ,I’m happier seeing him stuck in my house . I wonder what he will do for Cody after finally getting out of here

I placed the chess tablet before him and we began to play

I could see a look of discomfort on his face but it doesn’t move me

“Hurray ! ” I exclaimed happily

“I won” I added showing my full set of teeth as I stare into his deep blue eyes

“I’ve never bring defeated. You won because I wasn’t really feeling like playing …you wanna dare me this time ?” He asked

OMG! for the first time ,he spoke freely to me. I’m so happy right now. I felt like standing and starting to dance

I nodded in agreement to his offer and we began to play

I won again and I could see a look of disappointment in his face

Playing chess is a special skill that I have ,I doubt if anyone can defeat me

“I had played with many of my friends in the past and won them flawlessly ,seems you are good …okay…wait ,let me relax my Brian” he said and rested his head on the chair and closed his eye

I noticed his red lips, fresh face ,beautiful nose. Oh man! This boy is just so handsome

Even his lips are exquisitely shaped. Is he perhaps beginning to like me

I stood up happily and began to dance singing in my heart and believing he’s not seeing me

Today seems to be the best day of my life ,I can’t believe he spoke freely to me.

He really thinks he can defeat me …I doubt it …he can’t. Playing chess isn’t just what I learnt,it’s a gift

After a while ,the room was getting darker and his head was still placed on the chair

Is he really resting or sleeping ?

I went to his sit,sat beside him and stared adorably at his lips. I was enjoying the beauty of his lips not knowing that the door is opened and that someone had entered

“You kissed him” I heard a loud accusation and I turned swiftly towards the direction of the voice

Miguel raise his head at once and turned swiftly at Cody

“She kissed you” Cody accused me again before Miguel

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