August 4, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 113

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He And Her V

Episode 113


I sat at the edge of the desk in my office with my left leg on the visitors chair anticipating for the presence of Don.

He came after few minutes and greeted me.

“Welcome Don.” I threw my legs to the floor and went to sit.

I gestured for him to sit and he oblige.

“I’m here boss?” He said.

“You were quiet late but to the main point. The doctor must have done as we said cause you don’t want to imagine how Tucker now hates Camilla.”


“I’m telling you. Like we practically mock Camilla every single day ,she believes she did not have a woman and even Tucker thinks he can’t perform without using a drug. ”

“Oh! So we can let the doctor’s son go?”

“Yes. But warn him not to betray his words or he lost his son for good. ”

“Noted boss. ” Don said and stood.

He walked away.

Tucker’s POV.

The doctor and I sat before each other at the restaurant that we had agreed to meet.

“I’m so glad my son was returned. ” the doctor expressed his happiness while I smiled.

“It was a silly game. I confirmed the person behind it already ”

“You have to be really careful around such person. The individual must be so desperate. How about reporting such person to the cops ?”

“She works with the cops. I will be the one to be extra careful and know proper measures to put in place.”

“Alright. I think you should look for another hospital that you can be using. I do not want to put the life of my family at risk again ” The doctor said.

“I perfectly understand but I still need you to do one more thing for me. Help me confirm if this child is really mine. I have both my blood sample and her blood sample here with me ” I said.

“That will be quiet difficult. ” the doctor said and looked around..l

“Common doctor ,no one is watching you.” I said and he sighed.

“Mr. Tucker ,I did not think I can do this.” He said. “This is so dangerous for my family and I.”

“Nothing will happen to you ,trust me.” I said and he sighed heavily.

“Last work right?”

“Yes ,this is the last work you would do for me plus I’m ready to pay any amount you charge.” I said.

“Hum! Fine ,let me have the blood samples.” He said and I zipped open my box and presented the blood to him one after the other.

He kept it in his box.

“When should I expect the result?”

“Tomorrow evening , I will mail the scanned result to you.”

“Thanks” I said and we both exchanged handshakes and walked our different ways.

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