June 17, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 25

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 26
In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 24

????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
From a relatively far distance,Simon could fathom that this men were up to no good,he texted Adrian again,
They’re now in Naples.’
The cell phone vibrated in Tyler’s body,signaling that a text has been sent,he couldn’t look at it cause they huge man carrying him will notice when he stirs,so he remained put.
Slowly,the black Bentley caught up with the mini and a man in black came out of the latter car,he moved to the mini van after some exchange of words,the men from the mini van handed the boy to the man in hood,he in return led them to his car where they took out the unconscious lady in the car trunk.
Isn’t Adrian supposed to be protecting this woman? Why allow this crude people take her away?
Seeing the way they dragged out the lady from the car trunk,he couldn’t help but feel disgusted at them,
How can they treat a woman like this? Even him being a vampire is more sympathetic when dealing with the opposite sex and here are these men who claim to be human and. possesses feeling,treat a woman like scram.And where’s Adrian who was suppose to be protecting her and her son,he has clearly sent him numerous text but he isn’t showing up.
Frustrated with himself,he decided to call Adrian,when he dialled the number,his calls were sent to voicemail and this bothers him a lot.
“Why am I even concern with these people?” He asked himself,he was sent to keep a close eye on them by Adrian uncle,the man wanted to know what his nephew was up to.
“Isn’t it better I report to the one who sent me than pay a favor to a friend.” Thinking for awhile,he placed a call to the old man,with one ring the latter picked up,
“Uncle,there’s a not of a problem here?” The latter who was disturbed in his siesta,made a loud grunt,
“What had happened?” He asks the young chap,
“I met some men taking the young lady and her son away,but your nephew isn’t with them,even though I’ve sent him numerous text on the current deed,he hasn’t showed up yet.” He explained to the old man through phone,
“Where are you now?” The old man cold aura spread through the phone,
“Were at Naples Field,I’m at a closely far distant while the men are in front of me.” With a deep breathe,the latter hung up not before telling the chap to stay put.
After standing for almost thirty minutes with legs aching and the other cars already left,he spotted another black Sedan coming towards him,when the car came closer,its tinted glass was pulled down,
“Simon.” A familiar voice called him,he turned to see Adrian popping his head from the back seat,looking at him surprised,
“What are you doing here?” Adrian asked,Simon let his wits down,
“I texted you to tell you that I saw a man dragging Eva into his car,” Adrian was perturbed, he’d left Eva home,how did she…
“You sent me a text?” He asked surprising, then he remembered,
“Yes and you replied me soon after.” The young chap said,
That must be Tyler’s work,since he’s the one with the phone.
“Did you see the man’s face?” Davis asked him,slightly interfering,
“He was wearing a black hood,so I couldn’t see his face but he was driving a Bentley.” The boy explained,
“Why didn’t you continue tagging along them?” Davis asked quite irritated at the two,Diego didn’t say a word to them.The boy acted like Davis never existed,he looked at Adrian when he answered, and this irritated him,
“Uncle Sola had personally asked me to wait here for him.”The mention of his uncle’s name sent him twitching his face,
“How did he know….”
“He’d asked me to keep a tab on you but saw the man take Eva when I came out of the woods.” He confessed,
Davis and Diego found these two quite strange and weird,
“Where did those men go?” Adrian asked,
“They left not awhile ago,” he pointed to the direction at which the men took.
“You stay back and wait for Uncle Sola while we go up front.” With that,he slide the tinted glass of the car and they drove in the direction at which the boy pointed.

“Who’s that boy?” Diego managed to ask when they left,Adrian looked at him and smile,
“That’s Simon,my friend.” Trying to keep the reply formal,Davis snorted,
Friend indeed, he’s must be responsible for the kidnap.
He couldn’t voice out his thoughts, so he looked at the man with pure hatred and disdain.

Since Tyler’s still with his phone,he can as well find out their new heading,so he borrowed Diego’s cell phone,the latter gave the phone without questioning.
“They’re heading to the Boulevard.” He announced,
“There’s an easy route to the Boulevard, we can overtake them quickly if we take that route.” Adrian said,Davis sighed and finally let the man show him the easiest route to the Boulevard.

When Eva regained her consciousness,she felt her body drawn up to something warm,she lazily opened her thick eyelids,
It was a car seat,warm up from her lying there for long,
How long have I been here? She mentally asked herself,
Then it came to her like a flash,Josephs evil smirk when he’d seen her earlier,
Is he going to finally kill her? Was he the one who took Tyler?
She recalled Davis’s warning a few day back,
“They’re out to kill you and take Tyler away from you.” His voice rang in her head as the car speedily drove,
“Where are they taking me to?” She mentally asked herself,sh wanted to adjust her left arm that felt numb for staying in a position for long but she felt a sharp pain there, rubbing her right index finger there,she felt a warm sticky semi liquid there,pulling back her index finger,she saw blood.The pain from her arm made her to whimper inaudibly but the men felt her move,so they turned their gaze to her but she hurriedly closed eyes to put an unconscious look she had while she was asleep,seeing she was still asleep,the men focused on their driving.
Suddenly she felt the car turned and got into a decapitated building,
Maybe they’re here to finally kill me. The thought of dying without no rescue and leaving her son at the mercy of those ruthless Kingston,scared shit outta her.
The car came to a halt,then the front door opened, the men came out and dragged her outta the back seat thinking she was still unconscious. They pulled her into a cold place,the next thing she was pushed to the cold floor by one mighty pushed from one of the thugs.
Hitting the floor with full force,she hits her head on something rather hard causing her brain to go fuzzy for sometime,she let out a whimper out of pain but the men seemed untouched by her pain.
“Where’s the boss?” One of the men asked,
“He’s must be on his way with the boy.” Another replied,
Oh God,Joseph has Tyler already. How could he so heartless.Her pain was nothing compared to the feeling of anyone taking her son away from her.
Where’s Adrian? Why is there no one to help her now?
She felt so hollow inside,the fear of loosing her son is maddening her.
After staying on the cold floor for almost what seems like ages,her limbs were so stiff that she couldn’t move a muscle.She opened her eyes and it came in contact with a deadly glare.The glare almost sent her to a shock state,the man smirked,
“Sleeping beauty, you’re finally awake.” He bend to touch her cheek but a mighty force pulled his hand from her.

In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 26
In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 24

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