July 25, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 26

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 25

????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
The hands pulled the man away from Eva,giving him a tight slap as he let go,Eva too frightened to look up that she didn’t see the man’s face but his coldness spread the already cold room making her freeze,
“No one has right to touch her except me.” The ting of possessiveness in his deep voice was so obvious, she couldn’t look at him but recognized the voice.
The one she dreaded most.
Squatting next to her,the man feeling she couldn’t look up to him in fear,he roughly raised her chin,
“Glad to have you back.” His one sentence send her scared shit,
Finally my end has come.
She couldn’t pull from his hold,so like a scared and obedient puppy,she allowed him have his way,
“Get her up from the floor and make her sit on her throne.” He ordered the men pointing to the seat by the wall.The men hurried toward her,got her already broken bag of bones,pulled her to the seat and tied her up.
“Her Slutty Majesty….How do you like the name?” He said playfully like a maniac,when she didn’t answer, he pulled her hair,
“I SAID HOW DO YOU LIKE THE NAME?” He asked furiously, his voice were so strong,she felt the whole building would fall on them,
“I…m…sor…” She stammered but his slap choked her words.After his slap,she felt something moving on her lips,she tasted it with the tip of her tongue,it was a metallic taste,
Seeing her lip bleed,he rushed to her side and tugged the hair covering her pretty but ruined face back to behind her ear,
“I’m sorry you got hurt,I’m so sorry.” He pleaded but there was no sign or remorse on his face,rather the look on his face was one laced with joy and hate towards her,
“I don’t wanna hurt you but you keep pushing me to the edge,” He bend toward her lip,then licked the pint of blood by the side of her lips,
“I’m so sorry okay,” With his attitude, the men thought he was sick.She pulled herself from his touch,
“You don’t want me to touch you hmm? You want him to touch you right?” He grabbed a handful of her silk hair,the pain was so gruesome,Mal wanted to come over and snap his hands from her but he didn’t dare,
He might be a deadly gangster and a clean assassin but this man in front of him is a real sick prick and nevertheless, he doesn’t wanna involve himself in their dealings, his job is to kill this woman after this sick bastard is done tormenting her.
“You think I don’t know uh? You think I don’t know how you’ve being fucking around this every man that cones your way and show you a bit of kindness uh?” Scenes of Eva and that stranger making love in her living room continued playing in his head,the only thing he wanted to do was to pull the damn trigger and kill her but he’s not gonna do that,not until he let her suffer for cheating on him and the most annoying part of it was doing it with their son,his son present.
“Jo..seph..I’m…..not..” Another slap,now from the other cheek,the pain made her brain went fuzzy like a can of soda being opened after being shaken,
“Aargh!” She shrieked,the pain was so much,her vision went blurry for awhile due to the effect of the slap,
“You’re nothing but a SLUT,a SLUT,that what you’re.” He yelled,
“Jo..seph….I’m…so…ry.” She stammered in between sobbing,
“You’re sorry?” He turned to the men around him,
“You’re sorry? Well you don’t need to be cause I’m taking my son away from you so you continue being a slut,just that now you’ll be doing it in hell.” She froze,
Was he really gonna kill her?
Someone should come to her rescue please,
Adrian where are you?
Like he was reading her thoughts, he came closer to her,
“Are you expecting one of your numerous lovers to come save you?” He asked with face filled with disdain,she couldn’t reply and like always,he got angry,
“No one’s coming to save you today Eva,no one,you’re so unfit to be called a mother and since you can’t raise up my son properly,I’ll take it from here while you join you lovers in hell.” He spat out in disgust, the last seven words made her scared,
Has Joseph harmed Adrian?
No,he can’t harm him,Adrian is no human, he’s a vampire and can’t be harmed by human.
She couldn’t bear the thought of Adrian being endangered because of her sick ex husband,
‘Cough Cough.’
“Please don’t hurt Ty,don’t….take..him..”
“I’ll permit you see the boy for the last time,I won’t want my son to grow up with hating for for not showing him his mother before she passed away,” He turned to the men,
“Go get the boy.” With this order, one of them ran outside the building to get the boy while the other two stayed back and watch Joseph torture his supposed wife,
“Don’t worry,you’ll get to see your son before you join your sick and greedy father in hell.” He came close to her irritating her with his touch and his pretentious care,
Sick and greedy father in hell.Her almost ruined face twitched,
“Oh you never knew how greedy your father was?” He asked her,
“Your dad was so greedy for wealth,so greedy he blackmailed my dad into allowing me marry you,”
No,my dad wasn’t a bad man,he must have made the wrong decision concerning my marriage towards the end of his life but he was a good dad and him getting me married to Joseph was to strengthen the bond between the families,
“You should ask yourself why he was bent on me marrying you when he was aware that you’re in love with my younger brother?” The pain starring in her eyes as he said all this made his happy,
There’s nothing he loves most than making her cry,making her suffer and seeing her in pain.
“He wanted that because,you getting married to me could dispose a lot of the Kingston’s wealth to him as the father to the wife of the first son of the Kingstons.” He spat out,
“He wanted nothing than to elevate his status in the society,using a blackmail and you as a weapon to achieve his goal.”
Her father wasn’t that type of man,he’s a respectable lawyer in New York,
And why would he blackmail his friend for? What did they do that her dad blackmailed them for?
All this questions popping in her head made the pain worsen,
I won’t believe him,my dad was a good man and won’t stoop low to blackmail his friend.
“If you don’t believe me,then what made my parents not to like you?” He asked her,
“Why are they bent on getting rid of you? No one in my family likes you,cause of your father’s evil deed.”
“My family made sure every of his asset and property were confiscated by the States by portraying a false evidence that he was into drug and money laundering. “She was shocked,
Recalling when her parents had died,some men in black came interrogating her on her dads business, she knew almost nothing about what was going on in the firm and those men told her that her dad was dealing with drugs in pretence of running a law firm,she was so devastated at their death she didn’t pay much attention to the rumors and after that all her dads property got confiscated by the States,
” No one can stand a chance against the Kingstons.”He said proudly,
“Your dad did and now,he’s six foot beneath the earth and soon his precious daughter will be joining him.”
The man who had gone to get Tyler came back carrying the boy who was asleep in his arms,he took his to Joseph.
“Tyler!” She called upon seeing her son,
“Untie her and let her hold her son.” He said seeing the exasperation in her to touch her son,the men did untie her and placed the boy on her blossom,
“Tyler,” She kissed the boy continuously,his cheeks,his eyes, his nose and his lips,
“Ty I’m sorry,so sorry mommy can’t protect you but always know that mommy really loves you okay,” she patted his head,never wanting to let go.
When the tears from her eyes touched his closed eyelid,the boys eyelid flustered,
“Mommy,don’t worry nothing will happen to you,Uncle Adrian is coming to save us.” He whispered to her,this was so slow and quiet that the men didn’t know what was going on.
“Ty,” She called him,surprised that he was awake but the boy tugged her cloth tighter,
“Mommy,don’t say my name loud,Uncle Adrian’s coming to save us.” He mumbled,
“Mommy,bad daddy isn’t gonna hurt you okay,I and Uncle Adrian are going to protect you.” Her sons words were to encouraging that she felt a wave of courage blow through her,giving her the will to fight back,
“Mommy,I love you so much.” She bent and kissed his cheek again.
She must have done something in her past life for God to give her a loving son like Tyler.
Now she’s going to fight back, fight with her last breathe to make sure her son is safe and isn’t in the hands of those sick men.
Fight to make sure she lives and see her son grow up.
The era of abuse and oppression has passed.

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