July 24, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 16 and 17

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 16
Sofia’s POV
We were seated in the sitting room with mum when Lily
entered the house crying.
‘What happened to you?’ I asked.
‘Scot tried to rape me,’
‘Where was that?’
‘In his house,’she said and mom laughed.
‘You went to visit him dressed like that?’ mom asked and she nodded.
‘He would have just raped you so that next time you will learn to dress decently,’ she said.
‘Mum,’ I called.
‘What! It’s the truth,’
Lily ran to her room still crying.
I picked my phone and texted Scot.
????Lily reported you to our mum that you tried to rape her
????I didn’t even touch her.
I wonder why she is trying to frame Scot up. It’s a good thing dad isn’t home, Scot would me in problem.

Lily’s POV
My plan didn’t just backfire but mum also insulted me.
‘I hate you Sofia,’ I shouted.
I need to think of a plan before its too late.
I think I can use Harry to execute my plans.
If Harry ends up with Sofia, I will end up with Scot then the problem will be solved.
‘I’m a genius,’ I said and smiled at myself.
I called Scot
to execute my plans.
After several trials, he finally picked.
????What do you want?
????I only called to say sorry. I’m so sorry for what I did. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me.
????I have forgiven you.
????Can we be friends?
????What for.
????I just want to prove to you that am really sorry.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 17
Lily’s POV cont.
I jumped up with joy after completion of first mission.
I then called Harry who licked almost immediately.
????Hello, am sorry for how I behave earlier. I was just not in the mood.
????Okay, so can we meet again?’
????Yeah tomorrow afternoon same place.
????Okay will be waiting for you.
????Sure bye.
I said and hanged up.
Now I need to make Sofia go to that place instead of me.
Sofia’s POV
I was woken up by cries from Lily’s room. I went to her room and she was crying holding her stomach.
‘What is it?’
‘My stomach hurts,’ she said in tears.
I ran to the kitchen and brought her some water.
‘Can you do me a favour?’ she asked and I nodded.
‘I’m supposed to go and meet with Harry in a restaurant and am not feeling fine. Can you go on my behalf?’
‘Just call him, tell him you are not feeling fine the cancel it,’
‘I disappointed him yesterday just help me please,’ she pleaded and I couldn’t say no.
‘I will go. What time?’
‘Thank you so much,’
‘No problem,’
I left for my room after making sure she was fine.
I went to the restaurant and it was simple but unique. I just loved how they did their things. I waited for a while and Harry arrive though he seemed surprised to see me.

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