July 26, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 20

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????The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 20

Larry’s POV

It has been a month now since I’ve been dating with Charlene and all I can say is everything is going perfect. She’s the sweetest thing ever , with an amazing character and beautiful heart.

I’ve bought a house for her and Carlton because I saw she was a bit uncomfortable to be living with me under the same roof . She said she wanted to run a boutique and I opened it for her just to keep herself busy even though I’ve been supporting her with everything.

I always made sure that I pick and drop her daily to and from work no matter how busy I am because she’s my first priority.

I was busy in my office when the door flung open and one of my worst enemy got into my office .

“What are you doing here.” I asked trying to control my anger .

“Am I not allowed to visit my boyfriend’s work place?” She asked rolling her big eyes .

“I told you to stay away from me Gabriella so what the hell are you doing here?” I growled at her but she maintained her straight gaze with a loopsided smile.

“Don’t act as if this is my first time paying you a visit,” she said catwalking to where I was sitting.

” You used to but not now , I have my own girlfriend and she satisfies me so don’t try to do anything stupid.”

“You’re mine Larry and mine alone . Nobody and I mean nobody is going to take you away from me,” she said with an evil smirk.

I knew she wasn’t going to give up so easily cuz the Ella that I know is rude , cruel , arrogant and sometimes she act as if she’s possessed.

“. Do you think I was going to sit down and let that pig take you away from me?”She asked calmly and I sighed.

” Why can’t you just let me be because you know very well that I never loved you and I will never do that?” I asked.

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that,” she replied back.

“Why ? Can’t you see that I now have a girlfriend and I no longer need your service?”

“You can’t use me and dump me for that ugly so called girlfriend of yours ,” she said fuming with anger.

“You’re not my type Ella , I’ll never date a prostitute like you because you’re too cheap. I want you to leave me in peace and I don’t ever want to see you close to me even close to my girlfriend because I will skin you alive.”

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me Larry . Did that idiot bewitched you because you’re not yourself?”

” My heart beats for only her not other ladies,” I said.

” I love you Larry , can’t you see it? That girl is after your wealth and nothing much , you’ll see it for yourself. I’m addicted to you and I will never let you go,” she said grabbing my collar tightly before smashing her lips on mine.

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