July 26, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 28

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 28

(A good sister)

Miguel’s POV

“Kiss” I said and touched by lips with my right hand to feel if it is wet.

I can’t really feel if it is wet of not

I turned at Sawyer

“Did you kissed me for real?” I asked and she keep staring at me like she really kissed me

She turned at Cody

“Did you see me kissing him?” She asked

“Of course I do” Cody replied

“Oh! You gave me my first kiss unconsciously,you raped my lips right?” I asked

“Please ” She pleaded with her mouth moving speechlessly

“Pleading for kissing me! Damn it! ” I cursed under my breath as I stood

I was feeling so disgusting and irritating. I walked round the room and barged out angrily

“Cody,follow me now ” I commanded as I walked to my house

I keep touching my lips feeling so bad and terrible ,I just can’t believe I had being kissed

I was more pissed at Cody for locking me inside that girl’s room

Cody entered happily and sunk to the chair

“What’s:s making you laughing ,you locked me up there and the girl had to kiss me without my knowledge ,she deflowered my lips …oh my! ” I lamented painfully

I buried my head on my palms and began to cry. How can that girl kiss my lips …now ,it’s deflowered.

“Brother stop crying ” Cody said but I did not listen

I cried the more biting my lips and regretting going inside that girl’s house

“Brother ,she did not kiss you,It’s a prank” Cody said gently

I shot him a gentle look pretending not to hear what he just said

My mouth dropped ,I did not know what to say or believe

“She sat beside you and was staring at your face ,I wonder why? I entered silently , she didn’t have known when I entered.” Cody elaborated

“But …why can’t she defend herself when I was asking her ?” I asked

“She’s trying to protect me ,she knows I’m accusing her falsely but she still didn’t want to prove me wrong before you because she really likes me,I wonder why you hate that kind of a good sister”

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