August 3, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 29

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.????. Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 29

(Like her that way)

Sawyer’s POV

It’s a beautiful morning , the weather is warm and pleasant. Mom had just got me a bicycle. I’m so happy that I will not have to be trekking to school again , I now have a bicycle to ride to school.

I drove gaily to school and alighted cheerfully, My eye darted around many students who were standing in groups around conversing with one another.

I sighted Miguel from afar stepping from the stairs that leads to our class. I walked swiftly to meet him so I could tell him about the new bicycle my mom just acquired for me

“Hey!” I greeted waving my hand

He looked at me without saying a word. He is probably still pissed with the false accusation that I kissed him

“I did not…” I wanted to say but he interjected

“I know” He cut me off looking away

“My mom just acquired a new bicycle for me ” I announced to him.

“What am I suppose to do with that?” He asked and that hurts

” Hey Miguel! How are you this morning ” Ruby greeted and walked towards us

She scanned me and set her lustful gaze at Miguel

“Miguel, I’ve got a gist for you” Ruby said

“Tell me ” Cody asked

I felt much bad that he’s pretty much interested in Ruby’s gist than mine.

“Not before this nincompoop ,let’s go ” She said and wanted to hold Miguel”s hand to pull him

“Don’t touch me ” Miguel’s said and Ruby furrowed her brow in humiliation

“Why?” Ruby asked promptly

“I don’t like ladies touching me ” He answered

“Oh! Anyways let’s leave , we can’t stay with this flibbertigibbet” She said

“Excuse me! I’m not a flibbertigibbet please… I guess you are the ninnyhammer here ” I replied with a stronger English

She furrowed her brow , you this young ignoramus , who thought you these affronts?” She asked

“It’s none of your business” I replied

“Miguel, you see why you have to stay away from this girl, she always try to pick up a feud” She tried to blackmail me before Miguel

“I like her that way” I heard Miguel said

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