August 5, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 114

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He And Her V.

Episode 114

^The doctor^

I must say that I’m really scared of the what Tucker had requested of me to do for him but U had decided to help him cause it’s the last job I would do for him.

I carried the blood samples with me and went to the laboratory at the hospital immediately , there were less doctors and nurses around cause the hospital had officially closed for the day.

I began to experiment on the blood when suddenly I heard a cream by the door. I paused what I was doing and peeked around.

My heart was heavy and fear was running through my mind. Might be nothing really but I felt like I was being watched.

I tip toes from the large table where I was about to experiment the hood samples to the entrance of the door.

I ensured that the doors are well closed. I closed all windows and switched the light on.

This should take me nothing less than an hour.

I felt like putting a call across to my family before continuing with the experiment to see if they were safe.

I did and my wife told me that everything is alright

I exhaled heavily and continue with the experiment. About thirty minutes later , I had texted the two blood samples now ; time to confirm the D.N.A of the child.

I suddenly heard a loud kicks by the door and the cronical flask that I was holding fell form me and I turned to the door.

A man came into light and fear engulfed the totality of me.

“What did you want from me ?” I asked in a pleading tone.

“What text are you performing?” The man asked and I turned to the texts I had being performing then turned to him again.

“Erm…just texting this blood samples. ” I said.

“You mean the samples that Tucker gave to you at the restaurant?

“Excuse me? How did you find out? ”

He smirked and put a call across to someone.

“Hello boss ,he went ahead with the experiment ,I think he has the result already.” He said through the phone.

“Alright boss” he hung up. I have no idea what his boss told him.

Oh my days! And I didn’t want to do this work that Tucker wanted me to do for him.

“We are not Jokers man , when we tell you we do not want you to do something ,don’t even try it. Bye!” He said and shoot me.

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