July 25, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 27

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
When Joseph came to take the boy from,Eva refused to let go of the boy,
“Uh,you want to fight for him now?” He asked,a flash of fear passed her eyes,
“You can’t take him away from me,that’ll be over my dead body.” She spat,he was surprised at her attitude,
Wasn’t this the same woman begging me awhile ago? He mentally asked himself,
“And its gonna be on your dead body.” He swiftly took the gun from Mal’s holster,the man frown at what Joseph did but didn’t brother to say a word.
“Handed the boy over now.” He ordered,she didn’t move,
“I’ll love to watch you kill me.” She spat,all of a sudden a wave of regret washed her,
What if in the process of her being stubborn, he the hurt Tyler. She peered at the boys face,so innocent and angel like,exactly like Davis.
Why can’t Joseph see the fact that Tyler isn’t his son but his brother’s.
Tyler has more of Davis’s looks than Joseph’s.
Taken aback by her words,he pointed the trigger to her forehead.
“Hand the boy over.” He wanted to forcefully carried the boy but her grip was too tight she can’t let go of her son,
“Never.” She said amidst gritted teeth and clenched fist,
“You’ll have to kill me to get to the boy.” She said again,
Having enough of her willfullness, he cocked the gun,determined to shoot her,
“YOU WON’T DARE.” A cold voice roared,no matter how scared Eva was,the voice was so soothing to her,she felt more at ease,
Looking at the owner of the voice,all traces of fear in her face vanished,now she wanted to seat and watch what Adrian’s gonna do to Joseph.
Joseph was still absorbing the shock and the coldness that emitted from the stranger when Davis and Diego marched in behind the man.
Each had a strange level of coldness and aloofness that spread the room,causing the people present to shiver and with their cold glare Joseph couldn’t stand a match.
Eva leaped for joy,now she’s sure of her safety and her son’s.
“Joseph,” Davis finally spoke,breaking the silence,
“Let them go.” He ordered, this baffled his older brother.
Ever since they were kids,he was the one with the temper while his brother was more like the cool guy,who doesn’t get into fight and always pay attention and respect him as his elder brother. Never for once had he seen Davis the angry.
“Let Eva and Tyler go, don’t stoop as low as hitting a woman.” Feeling insulted at Davis’s words, he urge to kill this three bastard suppressed him so much he really didn’t care if one of them is his brother,
“Would you stoop so low by killing you wife?” Davis asked,
“Yes I would,I won’t let her go and I want to see you do your worst.” He jeered,
Adrian cleared his throat,
“You want to see me do my worst uh?” Adrian asked,he took a step forward,
“And who invited this bastard here.” He cursed,Adrian had a smirk on his face,
“Now I’ll give you five seconds to let them go,or else…” Pride couldn’t let him,
How can he let his prey go just because another said so,
Never,his parents had taught him one thing from when he was young.
‘Real men don’t talk,they act.’
“Or else what? You fight me? You’ll strangle me? Want to see you do that.” He jeered.
Eva who was still on the seat froze,
The looks from Adrian’s face gave her a chill.
She has never seen him this angry before.
Joseph pointed the gun at Adrian as he continued stepping towards him,Adrian didn’t stop.Eva got scared,
“Adrian get out of the way,he’s gonna shoot.” He paid no heed to her,
Feeling spiteful,Joseph pulled the trigger and the whole room tensed.The bullet shot through Adrian’s chest but he didn’t waver,he kept coming forward,
Everyone in the room was shocked including Mal,
He had been a gangster but has never seen anyone as tough as this.Eva left Tyler on the seat and ran to Adrian,his face was so void of expression,
“Joseph please stop.” She spread her arm backing Adrian,
“Please don’t shoot him please.” She pleaded,
“Eva,out of the way.” Adrian ordered her,she refused to leave,seeing the blood oozing from his chest,her chest tightened as she cried,
“Please don’t hurt him..” Adrian gently pushed her from his front and he was now facing Joseph.
The gun in the latter’s hand began to wobble,
He’d expected the man to stop moving when he shot him the first time but that didn’t seem to be the case.This man was no human at all,he’s a beast,no human can survive a chest shot.
Adrian picked Joseph up by the neck,
“You dare hurt my woman?” His words sounded like authority, Joseph’s face was red,he couldn’t catch his breathe.He never expected this man to lift him up like a ragged toy,
‘Cough cough’
“P…ut…me…do..an..” He’s slowly losing his breathe but Adrian seemed so unperturbed that he might die.Everyone was surprised,Mal was still in shock he could not lift up his gun to shoot the man,
“Adrian please let go of him,please.” Eva rushed to Adrian and pleaded.
You can say she’s stupid,kinda.She really doesn’t want Adrian to kill him,she doesn’t want him to be involved in the Kingston’s mess.
Immediately Eva touched him,Adrian released his grip on Joseph,the latter fell down and started coughing profusely,
“Eva get Tyler,let’s go home.” He said,the men around didn’t utter a word or even try to stop her as she went to her her son.
“Tyler, let’s go home.” She wanted to carry the child but he refused,
“Mommy you’re tired,you don’t have to carry me.” The boy said,Eva smiled at the boy thoughtfulness, she took the boy’s hand and they turned to leave.
“You aren’t permitted to leave here.” Joseph said angrily amidst coughing and catching his breathe,he picked the gun and pointed at them.Neither did Eva nor Adrian turned,before they knew it,he pulled the trigger,Davis didn’t act on time,when he did the bullet had already hit its target,
“Mommy!” Tyler shrieked in pain as he fell down,the bullet had hit the young boy,
“Tyler!” Eva crutched down to catch the boy before he reached the floor.

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