August 6, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 28

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
That night,Eva wanted to stay up and watch over her son but Adrian refused,
“You need rest Eve,you were hurt too and bet me Tyler’s really gonna scold me for not watching after you very well.” She smiled at his words,
Now he’s treating her like she does Tyler.
“I’ll go get something from the café, what would you want to eat?” He asked her,she was still sitting beside her son and stroking the boy’s hair,
“Just coffee and sandwich.” She looked up to him and he nodded,
“I’ll be right back.” Adrian went through the door and she turned to her son,
He looks pale and his lips were dry.
Seeing her son in this condition,her heart tightener, she wished she was the one in his condition.
He’s too young to be going through all this.
Adrian came inside,he was holding a cup of coffee and a wrapped foil,
“Here is your order,eat up now before the coffee gets cold.” Eva took the coffee from him and went to sit on the chair while Adrian sat beside the boy.
“When is he gong to wake up.” She asked him having a bite of the sandwich,
“I spoke to Doctor Matt when I stepped outside to the café, he said he should be awake by tomorrow morning.” He said,still looking at the boy,
Adrian had requested for the boy to be moved to a private room,so no one would disturb them and Eva could use the spare bed whenever she wants to rest.
“Adrian,thank you.” She mouthed not looking at him,Adrian looked up from Tyler to Eva,
“What?” He asked,she’d said something but he didn’t get what she said,
“I said thanks for everything.” She repeated,now looking at him.Adrian stood up from the bed and walked to where she was sitting,
“Eva you don’t have to thank me,I’m suppose to be the one saying sorry,sorry that I couldn’t protect you and Tyler.” He said,there was a slight trace of hurt in his eyes,
“No Adrian, it wasn’t your fault,you really tried and you did well to make sure I and Tyler were protected and um so grateful for that.” Since he was close,she took the initiative and took his big palms to her,
“Okay but please stop telling me thanks.” She nodded,Adrian pulled her to himself and kissed her hair,inhaling the ever pervasive lavender fragrance coming from her,its so alluring.
They both took turn in watching the boy for the night and when morning came,Eva was dead tired that she slept off at the first rays on sun that evade the room.When she woke up later on,Adrian wasn’t in the room but luckily Tyler was awake. She rubbed her eyes groggily when she saw the boy’s eyes wide open,
“Tyler,” She stood up from where she was laying and went to the boy,
“Ty,you’re awake.” She sat beside the boy,his eyes were just wide open and he fixated it on her,blinking at different intervals,
“Ty,talk to mommy.” She said taking his fragile hands,the boy didn’t say a word, he was only blinking his eyes at intervals.She was surprised,
“Ty are you okay?” The boys quietness making making her scared,
“Stay here,I’m gonna get the doctor.” She ran outside the room to get the doctor, when she got to his office,she saw Adrian having a word with him.They didn’t know she was closeby and she just stood and listen to their conversation.
“Well,the shock to too much for the boy and for the time being he won’t be able to speak.” The doctor an older man in his mid fifties said to Adrian,
“What can be done for him now?” Adrian asked with furrowed brows,
“Well for now nothing can be done, he’s gonna be like that for maybe a month or two before he recovers,most times if the case gets bad,he might be like that for almost a year.” Eva was shocked,
Her baby boy won’t be able to talk for a whole year,
No,this isn’t happening
She leaned closer to hear what they’re saying,
“But..there another way to make him recover fast….” The doctor said,Adrian leaned forward,
“Well,since you said you wanted the lady and her son to be your,he can be turned into a vampire and bet me the boy will recover right away.”
What? Turn Tyler into a vampire……no
“Then I shall leave him to recover on his own,I can’t let what happened to me happen to the boy.” He stood up,
“Matt,you don’t have to worry about that.I won’t let it happen.”Adrian said and he turned to leave,
” Remember something,you keeping that woman to your side is endangering her and her son.The Lycans won’t accept a human in their midst not after what happened years ago.”The doctor reminded him,
“Then that should be my problem m not yours.” Adrian replied rudely not turning to the man,
“Have you about what your uncle would do to that woman and her son when he gets winds of their relationship with you,think of your brother Lucas.” Adrian froze,Lucas he might handle but Uncle Sola is one ruthless vampire though its been hidden under the mask of his generous smile.
He can’t let his uncle hurt Eva or Tyler…no
He recalled something…
When he’d seen Simon earlier, the boy told him Uncle Sola has asked him to keep an eye on him.
Does it mean they know of his relationship with Eva?
Now this is where he has to thread carefully to ensure their safety.
He turned to the doctor,
“Don’t let anyone know that the boy and his mother are here, I’ll need to handle something quickly.
Before he could open the door,Eva his by the other side of the wall,so he didn’t see her when he walked down the hallway.
Gosh,she and her son are in danger.

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