August 3, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 18 and 19

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 18
Harry’s POV
I was surprised at first but happiness covered up.
‘Lily is sick and I came to replace her,’ she said immediately and I couldn’t help but smile.
Lily just did me a great favour by making her come.
‘It’s fine, I had made reservations for us and since you are here, then we will just eat,’ I said and she nodded positively.
We both sat down on the table and we’re served.
I was hungry because I stay alone and visits mom and dad on weekends. I rarely cook because am bad at that. The reason I need a girlfriend maybe she can teach me how to cook.
‘How is the food?’ I asked after a while of silence.
‘Delicious,’ she said with a smile.
She is so beautiful and simple. She loved the same place Lily rejected. That makes me want her more. I want to make her mine, spoil her with love and give her everything I have.
‘Tell me about yourself,’ I said.
‘Nothing interesting. My life is actually boring,’
‘I’m all ears,’ I said grinning from ear to ear.
‘I’m the eldest in a family of three kids. We stay mostly with mum because dad is always busy. My normal routine is school to home and sometimes home to church,’ she said.
‘You think?’
‘Yeah it helps avoid scandals as you are mostly home,’
‘Yeah,’ she said and shrugged.
We talked about random staffs and exchanged contacts. We trekked as she went to her home and if not that it was during the day, it would have been a romantic walk. I took her home and called for one of my cars before driving home. My legs were hurting because of the distance I walked but it couldn’t be compared to the joy I felt in my heart. I just pray Scot finds Lily interesting and leaves Sofia for me. I don’t want to fight with my brother but I can’t help myself.
Lily’s POV
I watched from my room as Sofia got into the compound smiling. It seems she really had a good time in that low class restaurant. I don’t even care as long as she leaves my Scot alone, am fine.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 19
Lily’s POV cont.
‘He is finally mine,’ I jumped up happily.
This news deserves a celebration.
I ordered pizza for the whole family.
‘You rarely buy anything for us, what’s the occasion?’ Sofia asked and I already knew she will ask.
‘To thank you for standing for me when I was sick,’ I said with a smile.
‘It’s nothing, you are my sister,’ she said but her smile was genuine.
‘How was Harry? I hope he didn’t ask so many questions?’ I asked.
I just want to here from her, to enable me know if the details I asked for will be the truth.
I already asked for their photos and details of how the date went. I will send the photos to Scot with a private number.
‘He didn’t ask so many questions. Harry is cool though,’ she said and I stopped the recording.
That was the only information I need to add to what I will be sending.
She can’t have Scot, it should be me. After enjoying the pizza I went back to my room to compile the information.
I compiled everything in my laptop then saved it in the flash drive.
It was already evening and mum wasn’t home so it was a good opportunity to give the flash to Scot. The taxi left me some few metres from his house.
I covered part of my face with my hair which is a little bit longer and put on my cap before going to his house.
I got to his fate and found a gateman, I didn’t know he has one.
‘Hi, am here to deliver this to Scot,’
‘Okay,’ he said and took the envelop.
I went back home smiling. My day has been the best.

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