August 3, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 22

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????The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 22

Author’s POV

Charlene went down the stairs throwing away everything she was holding and pushing away everyone in her way . She finally reached down and made her way out of the building running like a mad woman.

People kept on stealing glances and felt pity for her . She ran down the road and when she wanted to cross the road , a black Range Rover emerged from nowhere in her sight. Her eyes were blurry with tears so she didn’t see it earlier , she closed her eyes in agony as the car hit her.

Delaney’s POV????

I picked my car keys and rushed out of my office, I can’t believe that witch has started her games again . She acted as if she has changed but she proved me wrong , how can she cheat on me and the worst part is she’s cheating me with my rival .

I need to get to the club as soon as possible to drink my sorrows away so I took my way there. I was driving in full speed and my mind was far away from me when I suddenly saw a lady running in the road. She seemed to be too confused because she didn’t even see my car then I tried to hit the emergency brake but it was too late.

The car hit her and she was thrown out of the road, I quickly went out to where her lifeless body was and ferried her to my car . I placed her at the back seat then sped to a nearby hospital.

It has been two hours since I’ve been here because that lady was taken to the theater. The nurses were running in and out of that room from the very minute I was here , my only prayer is that she survives.

I will not be able to forgive myself if she dies even that stupid Ella who cheated on because if it wasn’t her then all this would not have happened.

My name is Delaney McKenna , I’m a boy aged 25 and an accountant by profession but I also run a few businesses. I’m handsome and filthy rich though it didn’t all came from my sweat.

My father worked very hard to achieve all these and since I’m his only child, everything was in my name. My mom passed away due to high blood pressure after she caught my dad red handed with another lady on their matrimonial bed .

She was too devastated because this was the first time seeing my dad cheating and the worst part is my dad moved out to stay with that lady. From the day my mom died , we’re not in good books with my dad because he’s the one who caused my mother’s death. Its almost two years now since my mom died and my dad is still living with her b*tch .


I saw a doctor coming out of the theater then rushed towards her.

“How’s she doctor?” I questioned hastily.

“Let’s get into my office first,” she said and i trailed behind.

We got to her office and we sat down.

“Are you related to our patient?’ she asked.

“Yes , she’s my girlfriend,” I don’t know how it slipped out of my tongue because I just met her today.

“well I’m sorry to say this but we tried operating but she….

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