June 19, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 23

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????The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 23

Larry’s POV

“Do you see what you’ve caused Ella?” I growled at her wearing my clothes.

“Don’t act as if you didn’t enjoy it,” she said wiping herself with smiling.

” I abhor you Gabriella and I don’t want to see you anywhere close to me,” I said to at her irefully but she couldn’t care less.

“I’ll just do whatever it takes to make you mine Larry,” she screamed at me but I turned a deaf ear because I was going to kill her if I kept on quarreling with her .

I tried as swift as I can to put on my clothes before rushing downstairs calling Charlene. I didn’t care about my employees reactions because my mind was filled with Charlene.

This is the worst mistake I’ve ever done in my entire life , I know I’m the last person she needs to see but I can’t let her in that status. When I reached downstairs, I searched everywhere but to no avail I didn’t find any trace of her .

I cursed the day I met Ella because she just ruined everything, Char is going to hate me and that really hurts. I slapped my cheeks for a couple of times because I was mad at myself for being stupid enough not to control my feelings.

I have vowed never to make her cry but I just did , I pray that wherever she is God protects her . I searched for my cellphone but I could not find it so I rushed back to my office, take it and dialled her number but she wasn’t answering.

I know she doesn’t want anything to do with me but I just want to know if she’s okay. I dashed out of my office still trying her number but I saw her cellphone ringing on the stairs then I picked it up. Now how am I going to reach her?

I drove to her place but she wasn’t there , I tried Carlton’s number but he wasn’t picking and I guess he was told about what happened earlier.

I called Hayley and she picked on the first ring as if she was waiting for my call.

“My ugly bro ,” she squealed , this is how she always answer my calls looking for argument but today I wasn’t in the mood for that .

“Hayley did you see Charlene today?” I asked with a worrisome voice.

“No, is everything thing okay Larry ? Why are you so low today ? Did anything bad happened to her? Huh! Tell me Larry ,” she fired me with a lot of questions.

“I messed up Hayley and I hate myself for doing something like that,” I said with a breaking voice.

“What did you do Larry?”

“I … I ….I che..ated on her ,”

“Whaaaaaat? I’m on my way there you idiot , how could you do that?” She screamed and ended the call .

I couldn’t hold the pain anymore so cried my lungs out because my heart was on fire and my head was killing me .

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