August 1, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 25

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 26
24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 24

24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 25


I disguised so well and smuggled my way in to the business party. I realized that everyone was seated with their various partner.

Gosh! I’ve got no partner !

About few minutes later ,the man that we had the deal with days before step to the podium and said;

“Good morning colleagues. I’m glad to announce to you the business deal that I made with Mr. Jason” He said and and the crowds cheered him.

“Mr. Jason ,kindly step forward with your intelligent partner” he said and the DJ played a soft music as Jason walked hand in hand with the fat woman.

As soon as they got to the stadium and met the man ,the man’s brightened face suddenly turned into the dull one.

“Dear!” The man called to his wife who was seated at the fore sit and she stood in response.

“Come over!” He said to his wife and the woman obliged and stepped to the stadium.

“Am I perhaps mistaken ,Is this the lady that convinced us the time we had the deal with Mr. Jason?” He asked his wife to be certain.

“Certainly not. If I sight her ,I would recognize her. ” The wife replied confidently.

“Mr. Jason , what is the meaning of this ? Does that imply you do not have a stable girlfriend?”

“Not like that…but the lady standing beside me is more intelligent than the previous one” Jason said.

“What are you talking about Mr. Jason ,does that mean that in just few hours ,you had had issues with the lady already and you had separated. That could only tell us that our relationship will not last long also. If you can not keep a relationship that involves loves and s*_’x ,how then will you keep a relationship that requires only mutual business understandings” The man said and Jason suddenly became confused,sad and depressed.

He knew he had lost the deal already.

“I’m sorry Mr. Jason ,but this business would not go on , I suggests you leave right away so I can have fun with my other friends” The man said and I stepped forward.

“That was just a prank” I said suddenly to everyone’s surprise and walked to the stadium.

“This is the lady!” The man said pointing to me.

“Yes ,she’s the one.” The wife confirmed while I went beside Jason and held his right hand.

I stylishly pushed the fat lady away and held Jason’s hand.

“It was a silly prank ,this woman here is just my sister , can we go on with the deal?” I asked and the man whispered to his wife.

“A prank indeed. We fell into it.” the man laughed together with his wife.

“Oh yeah ,we can continue with the deal” The man said and I watched as smile formed at the corner of the lips of Jason.

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