August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 30

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????. Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 30

(Kiss me for real…)

Miguel’s POV

I’m beginning to dislike Ruby , why did she like to create cases with Sawyer. We can be friends without having issues with her.

But really, I shouldn’t have said that out. Do I really like her? That I can confirm yet , more reason why I had to stay away from ladies ,it’s one problem after another.

“I wanna start going Miguel ” Ruby said after listening to my positive words about Sawyer

“Bye ” I said and Ruby walked away

“Hey! You like me?” She asked looking deeply inside my face like she kept something there

“I did not like you” I said but the words ain’t coming out.

“I did not like you” I tried to say again, this time my mouth moved but I wasn’t producing any audible sound

Her face looks kinda beautiful to me and melts my heart.

“I…” I tried to say while she paid rapt attention to me like a judge about to pronounce a judgement

“I thought you hate me ” She said as if she had confirm by my inability to speak that I liked her

“What gave you the impression that I liked you?” I asked

“You said it yourself ” She said

“I did that to save you from Ruby” I said

“Because you like me ” She quickly added

“Stop saying I like you ” I commanded

“You loathe be right? ” She asked

“Whatever! Can we stop talking about this ” I tried to change the topic

“Why didn’t you follow Ruby,because you liked me right?” She asked again

“Can we stop talking about this young girl?” I asked frustratingly

“You were later happy that I kissed you yesterday right?” She asked

No! No! Cody told me she didn’t kiss me and now she’s :s talking about kissing again

Did she kiss me for real…

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