June 13, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 31

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????. Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 31.

(Are you going?)

Sawyer’s POV

I watched his face lightened in surprise , he turned at me looking at me intently

“You kissed me for real? ” He asked and I nodded

“Huh! What the hell!” He exclaimed as he touched his lips.

“Cody told me you didn’t” He said and I furrowed my brow. I was oblivious of the fact that Cody had told him the truth.

“Actually… ” I was searching for what to say only for me to watch him walk out of my presence.

I wanted to run after him but I cautioned myself. I turned , walking to the class when I met Joe stepping down the stairs

“Hey dear,I’ve being in search for you” He said

“Oh really?” I asked

“Sure , I got this for you” he said and handed over a chocolate to me

“Aw, thanks so much” I appreciated as he watched me intently with smile

“Let’s take a stroll ” He said and I nodded

We walk round the school chatting and discussing a lot of personal issues

Joe is really fun to be with.

“Are you aware that Mira is celebrating her birthday this night at Club 7?” He asked

“Really? I wasn’t informed ” I replied

“It’ll be fun, are you coming?” He asked

“Erm…can’t really say. I need to ask someone first ” I said

“Miguel? ” He said as if he knew

“Yeah. Miguel ” I replied and nodded shyly but I noticed his face dropped sadly

“Is anything wrong?” I asked

“Maybe , you liked Miguel right?” He asked

“Not really ” I answered cus I don’t like how Miguel behaves to me sometimes

“Did you like… Erm..never mind. I wish you can come ” He said

“I should” I said but remembered that that Ruby of a girl did not like me.

We walked to a place and we both saw Miguel standing alone looking into the sky like he’s a monk.

“Hi Miguel! ” I called and he turned slowly to me.

He didn’t say a word as usual but I’m used to it

“You should know Ruby is celebrating her birthday right?” He asked

“Yeah ” He replied sharply

“Are you going?” He asked

” Of course ” He replied and walked away.

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