July 25, 2021

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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 1

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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 2

✨ Alyssa and the billionaire ✨

. Jojo gray ????
[Bamteddy series]????
Episode 1
[ I lost my job ] .
. ~ Alyssa’s~

He looked into my eyes as he yelled at me saying hurtful things that I just wanted to walk away and cry my eyes out .

” yes You fired, you can see that’s what the letter with you says so why asking me already !” My Lee said facing his computer not looking at me

“But sir …I didnt do ….

“Can you just leave my office Mrs Aurora ” Mr Lee said expressionless .

“But sir I have no where to …go ” I explained to him in a teary expression .

“Please Mrs Aurora don’t make me call the security on you so kindly leave my office ” he halfed yelled as I didn’t still make an attempt to leave .

” Please Mrs Aurora leave this instant ” he looked up at me , looking straight into my eyes .

” It’s miss Aurora ” I muttered sadly and turned back ,slowly walking out .

I got outside of the company and called an urber to come carry me home .

I got home as I hanged my jacket in the sitting room and removed my high heel from my feet ,picked it up and carried it with my hand bag to my bed room.

Immediately I got my bed room dropping all this stuff,I bounced on my bed as I Bust in tears .

I can’t even open my mouth to tell my mom this ,she will throw bombs of insult at me .she’s going to compare me to Carly saying Carly is 26 and she’s happily married with a baby on her way .

I’m almost 29 year old left without a job again and not even a man in her life .this life I’m living sulks .

I cried through out that night without having lunch neither dinner and before I knew it I fell asleep with my eyes all filled with tears and the next day I woke up due to my alarm .I stood up from my bed and sluggishly walked into my bathroom as I stared at my swollen red eyes in the mirror .

What did I do to deserve this life I’m living I thought within and sighed before picking my toothbrush and spread toothpaste on it and shove it into my mouth .

And when I was done I realized I was still putting on the same cloth I wore to work yesterday .

Im never going to wear this cloth I need to forget about that stupid company that fires people for no reason .

I pulled my cloth off my body and tied my towel around my body and walked to the bathroom to take my bath and when I was done taking my bath I put on my pj since I’m so jobless that I have no work to go too .

As I was going to head downstairs to make breakfast my phone started to sound from my bag and when I went to remove it and to check the Caller it was Carly .

Ohmen how will I be able to tell carly they fired me from the job she got for me .

I picked up her call .

” Hey Carly “I said sounding as good as I can .

“Hey babe ,how is everything going with you ” she asked in the same voice .

“G…good “I tried to complete .
I’m not too good at lieing that’s what I’m stuttering .

“Are you sure ” she sounded in doubt .

“I’m ..okay ,trust me “I tried to sound happy .

“Nah I don’t believe you ..you stutture when you are sad ” she said .

” Of course I’m fine …I …swear ” I tried to make her believe .

“Swearing while lieing ” she said and i sensed she rolled her eyes .

“Okay I got fired at the job you found me “I rushed my word .

“OmyGod !You were what ….” Carly halfed yelled .

“I’m sorry but it wasn’t my fault ,the company fires staffs easily ” I explained to her in a genuine way .

“Well so what have you planned next , getting a new job ?”she asked .

“No no I’m fine you don’t have to bother i don’t want to put any pressure on a pregnant woman ” I immediately said and she giggled.

“C’mon Alyssa ,I’m your friend and I will do anything for you okay and please quite calling me pregnant woman ,it’s sounds weird coming from you ” she said in a straight tone .

“I’m sorry I’m just teasing you ” I said and we both giggled .

“So how’s Carlos and the baby ,is she kicking ” I asked her .

” hes fine but He’s acting strange lately which I don’t know why ” she sounded pretty down .

“How dare him stress a pregnant woman like you ” I voiced out .

“I’m going to kill him when I see him ,tell him that “I added and she Chuckled .

“Funny you ,he’s even out and the baby is kicking pretty well thanks for asking ” she said .

“Have you thought of a name to give her ,the baby ?” I asked her .

” Yep , Carlos and I have discussed about that and we are naming her after you which will be Alyssa steve ,sounds nice right?” ” she said excitedly .

“Shut up …you are kidding me right ,wow I’m flattered after all ” I smiled .

” Look Alyssa I love you and when you need help never think twice before you voice out too me okay even when it comes to getting a new job I will be there to get you one “she said with great passion and I blushed .

“Awwwwnnn thanks c love you too much too ” I smiled .

“Okay so bye for now as I get started in looking for a new job for you ,im sure if I tell Carlos too ,he would want to get something better than what I’m going to get you ,you know he doesn’t use he’s baby sis to joke ” she giggled .

“Yew I’m not he’s baby sis,we are same the age please ” I said with disgust .

” Laughing out loud ,isn’t that what he calls you and you seem cool with it sometimes ” she said laughing .

“Tell him I will brake his head if I hear him call me that ever again” I said with seriousness .

” You are too funny babe .
Anyways I have to go now ,I have to cook for Carlos before he returns ,his been the one cooking since I got pregnant and I just don’t want to put him on that pressure today ” she expounded .
Wow I’m too Jealous of their relationship.
the most amazing thing is to marry your best friend and that’s what Carly did she made the right choice .
I’m also looking for a man that will cook for me when I’m carrying his baby and …….

“Hello Alyssa are you still there ….. Carly’s voice brought me out of my thought .

“Yeah yeah yeah I’m sorry ….just worked up lately ” I sighed .

” Oh sorry I should hang up so you can have alot of rest right ?” She said .

“No you don’t need to ….

“No bye sleep tight friendie”she hanged up before I could utter any other word .

Arhh Carly is so lucky and I’m happy for her .
Happy married life to cc . Happy for them both .

I’m tired of waiting for my own prince charming ,I wonder where he’s hiding at .
I should stop thinking about that and find a job first I guess .

I walked downstairs to make breakfast and sat down on the dinning and ate bread ,baked beans with suasage and I wanted to sit down to watch TV when my door bell ranged .
[Ding dong ]

I wonder who’s visiting early this morning just pray it’s not Felix my neighbor cause I’m going to spank the hell out of his butt .

I told him not to come here everr again after he’s wife accused me of having an affair with her man .
Ugh I’ve been humiliated enough in my life already .

I stood up to walk to the door and found my mom standing at the door .

” Mom…..what ..are you doing here ” I stuttered in great shock .
. .

Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 2

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