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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 2

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✨ Alyssa and the billionaire ✨
By jojo gray
[Bamteddy series] ????
. episode 2
[The interview ] .
. ~ alyssa~

Mom …I called in great shock .

“Hi daughter “she smiled as my eyes caught her travelling bag in her hand .

“What …are you … doing here ” I stuttered .

“Here to live with my daughter of course ” she smiled

“No no mom ,you can’t live here ” I came outside and closed the door from behind .

“What do you …mean by I can’t live with my own daughter ” she said .

” C’mon don’t take it like that ,I’m just worked out lately and you living with me won’t be such a good idea ” I tried to explain to her .

” You lost your job huh ” My mom gave a lopsided smile .

“Oh no how the hell does she knows this ” I muttered under my breath as I scratch my hair that wasn’t itchy .

“You think I won’t know huh ? When will you do something good and make me happy ” She gave me a straight ugly look .

“Mom please ,not your insult and camparism again ,I know I Made a big mistake I should have been the most dedicated human working in that company if I wanted to keep my job that badly ” I gave a sad expression .

” Go get a man too and stop thinking about work work work ,your little sister tiana is just 26 and she as a fiancee already, what exactly is your problem huh .I wonder why Carly still make friend with you and can’t talk to you ” she scolded me and I looked down

“Mom please stop it ” I begin to cry .

“You are telling me to stop pushing my daughter to the right …..

” Just stop it mom !,did you actually come here to yabb me and make me feel like my life is not worth living huh ? ” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks .

” Just leave, I don’t want to see you anymore! ” I walked in , slam the door at her and locked it as I fell down at the back of my door crying out loud .

” Why does a woman always have to be pushed to get married ,I’m almost 29 nor like I’m that old for crying out loud .I’m not even 40 yet .

“Would you open the door and let me come in “my mom knocked hard yelling .

“No go to your second daughter’s house and don’t come here ” I yelled back at her .

” Aiish…….Stubborn girl ,when we are telling her the truth she calls it yabbing I heard my mom say to herself as my tears increased .
She’s not even feeling remorseful after all thoes words she threw at me .

What kind of ugly life I’m I living for God’s sake .

” Alyssa open the door this minute! ” my mom knocked hard on the door .

” Please go away cause I’m not going to open this door ,go live with Tiana ” I cried prufously .
She just says alot that hurts my soul .

I cried for almost two hours before I stood up from the back of my door and opened it and my mom was gone.

“Arhh thank Goodness she’s gone ” I breathed out in relief .

I entered my apartment and locked the door and went straight up to my room to rest .

And after resting for almost 6 hours I came down to watch TV not love drama, that will increase my problem so I watched action instead and when I was done it was already late so I went up to my room to sleep .

The next day ….

I woke up as I checked my phone which was three miss called from Tiana .

Ugh mom told her already .

She’s just going yabb me without even knowing why I sent mom away .

My life with my family ,ugh they are my main headache.

I walked down from my bed and when I was done freshening up my cell phone ringed at to check the caller was calos and I picked up

“Hey baby sister ” he said .

” Would you stop calling me your baby sister ,we are agemate idiot ” I said and he started laughing .
Ugh gosh .

” Give the phone to your mom “I yelled at him .

“My mom ” he stated confused .

” Yes your pregant wife ” I said .

“Is that my mom and besides it’s my phone I’m using not my mom’s phone ?” he replied .

“Now you see how funny it is ” I started laughing too .

” You should be lucky I’m calling you my little sis ,i only look for jobs for my younger ones I hope you know that “he said .

“Should that be an insult or what ” I said plainly .

“Now you see how funny it is ,Carly told me you got fired from your new job is that true “he chuckled .

“Please don’t try rubbing it on my face like you Avent been fired from your work place before ” I rolled my eyes .

“Never ” he responded confidently .

“That’s your problem ” I shrugged .

” Can you work as an assistant ” he said .

“Assistant as in , assisting who and what ” I wasn’t clear what he was talking about

” Assistant ,like I mean ,a secretary ” he said and I almost puked .

“What , secretary ?,what do you take me for, you are just like your name calos ” I said he chuckled .

“Be lucky you bear my unborn daughters name Alyssa” he said .

” Now joke apart ,why do you see secretary as menial job ,common they are the best paid now , especially if you are employed as a personal secretary to a CEO that’s alot of salary ” he explained .

“Really is it that kinda secretary you are talking about for me ” I happily said .

“Nope ,the other secretary “he said and my excitement disapared and I rolled my eyes .

” I was only pulling your legs ,I mean that kind of secretary ,since you studied something relating to that ,why don’t you give it a try and this one I’m talking about the salary is going to blow you away ” he expounded and a smile formed on my face .

“Well I’m in for it ,just tell me how to go about it ” I stated excitedly .
. A day later ………
“Guess what Carly I’ve gotten the job” she screamed excitedly .

“Common careful with the screaming by stressing the baby …i was only kidding I avent gotten the job but they asked me to come for an interview tomorrow with the CEO himself and I’m badly nervous ” I said anxiously .

“Awwn don’t be ,just believe in your self that you will make it and trust me you will get the job ” Carly said and that suppressed my little anxiety at that moment .

“Thanks ” I smiled .

” I have to go freshen up now and eat breakfast ” I explained to her .

“Okay call you soon ” she said and hanged up.

I went to my wardrobe to settle the cloth I will wear to the interview and after I was done doing that I freshened up ,changed into a causal cloth and went downstairs to eat breakfast .
And after I was done eating breakfast ,I watched tv through out till it was dark and I went up to my room to sleep .
*The next day ****

I woke up early and dressed to my fullest but it’s was all official ,I took an Uber to ” Benson’s limited company ” and getting there ,I talked to the receptionist and i was told to wait at the reception with three other people .I sat for almost thirty munute before I was given a direction to take the elevator to the second floor .

I took the elevator that took me to the second floor and taking the first turning ,I saw a black thick fancy door and I wasn’t sure wheather I should knock or just go in .but I just opened the door and went in and I saw a man sitted on a couch opposite another guy in the big ,well furnished office that had fancy art drawings and some other beautiful stuffs on the wall ,the office was just nice looking .
As they both turned to look at me and I bowed my head a little in apologetic way for just bagging in and I turned slowly walking out .

“Is okay you don’t have to go out ” I heard a voice behind me and I immediately turned .

“Huh ….oh ” I mubbled .

” David ,you can go ,we will continue our discussion about the presentation on the phone ones i get home ” the guy wearing a causal wear said to the guy putting on a tuxedo .

“Yes sir ” the tuxedo guy bent his head a little as he walked beside me as I smelt the same saint of perfume ,Tony use to wear. Ugh I hate the saint because of Tony

Cough cough cough ….I heard from behind me and I turned back to the man wearing a causal wear .

” Have your seat ” he said not smiling .

Wait …is he the CEO ? Woah He looks young .

“What are you looking at ” he raised one of his brow in an angry expression as he sat on
His black swivel chair

“Noth…. Nothing .. ” I stuttered in an apologetic way but he didnt look like he was over it

” Sorry Sir” I added .

” Good” he mubbled .

” So …you are from …”he said and I didn’t understand what he meant .

” Arghh gosh don’t you speak English ” he said with a stern look .

“I’m …sorry ..sorry sir ” I apologized .

“I ….came here by …

” Tell me a little about yourself ” he cuts me off with a uninterested expression he worn on.

“I’m …I’m

Ugh what I’m I doing ,why I’m I so afraid not to lose this job that’s is making me stutter .

” I’m Alyssa Aurora and I’m 2 …

He chuckled .

” Aurora …what are you sleeping beauty “he smirked .

“That’s my … surname sir ” I said .

“Oh your dad’s name ,now I get ” he said sacarstically .

What’s with him ????.

” Yes ….” I said and he gave me a questioning look .

“Sir ” I completed .

” Anyways ,that’s the end of your interview ,you may leave now “he said .

” Did I pass ?” I asked him and he put on the look that said how foolish my question was .

“Sorry I meant ,thats the end of the interview ?”. I corrected myself

” We will get back to your if you did pass ” he said .

” Okay ” I mubbled Hoping his saying the truth .

” you may leave now ,so the next person can come in ” he said and I swallowed .
Next person ?

“Are you leaving or you wish to stay here ” he said and I immediately stood up .

” Sorry ” I said

“Stop apologizing and Leave ” he sounded harsh .

And I walked out of his office .

Urgh so rude he was.
I just pray I get the job cause it seem I messed up badly than I thought ????.

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