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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 3

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✨ Alyssa and the billionaire ✨
By Jojo gray
[Bamteddy series]????
.sorry unedited .
Episode 3
I got home before it was 1pm ,as I sadly snuggled myself on the couch and turned on the TV , watching an action movie called ” circles around me “that didn’t even interest me .
I’m sad because of one thing .
The CEO guy looked so annoyed at me which I don’t know why ,I don’t even think I will get the job .

My phone beeped and i pick my phone from the small stool beside my couch I layed on and to check it was a message from “Carly ” that I opened to read

” Did you get the job ”

” I’m not sure I would ,the CEO guy was really mad at me for no reason .I’m just tired of my life ” I texted her back .
while waiting for her to reply for almost 20 minutes ,I dropped my phone back on the stool as I stared at the movie I wasn’t even getting at all .

When I got to know the movie ended stood up from the couch then my phone double beeped and I picked it up from the stool to check the message that just got in and it was a reply from Carly .

” Awwwwnnn don’t worry ,it will work out that’s how CEOs are ,they all seem grumpy and proud but they are actually not that way ,I’m sure he would consider you “Carly said .

She’s right in that aspect ,CEOs acts all rude and arrogant but I’m not sure this is one will consider me at all ,he acted like he couldn’t even stand me ”

I scrolled up to check the other message and it was another one from Carly .

” I’ve found out how you can get a man ,why don’t you just join one of this dating app and you guys fix a date for dinner , and if you like him and he likes you too then you are good to go ” I read her text .

She’s so funny ,I hope she knows I hate dating apps and I think they are not so much advisable to find true love .
I hate that idea ,I’m not going to any dating site ,most of them get killed or something bad goes wrong afterward .

I walked to my room and slide my body into the duvet as I couldn’t even close my eyes for a nap .
I was nervous ,too nervous thinking about the interview ,I’m scared I might lose this job .

Due to my nervousness I searched about that company on my phone .

After reading about the company that didn’t help supress my nervousness in anyway , I checked about the CEO , reading this

“Trey Benson is a 23 years old business man ,whose father owns a very large company that produces the best selling toiletress in the world but now it is knowns that hes dad is retired and young Trey Benson now handles the great company.
With some interviews several newspapers has with him .he seemed like a lively,friendly and dashing young man with alot of potential ….

I paused reading .

What …you call that lively and Friendly ,he’s a proud pecock and he’s not near to being nice.

I rolled my eyes and turned off my phone cause that didn’t even supress my nervousness cause I know Google says nice things about rich and respected people like him due to what he told he told them to put about him online .

I’m not taking this shit anymore ,I stood up .
I can’t stress myself over some job .

I dashed downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee and after I had it .I felt a bit fine and went back to my room to take a long lasting nap .

~steve ~

are you still there …..tim said on the other line .

“Of course I’m there ,I’m just thinking of a good plan for that trey ????”I said .

“Just follow his steps and watch him for now ” I said to Tim on the phone .

“Yes sir ” he responded .

“Good and when it’s ready to fire on I will let you know ” I said .

” Yes sir ” he said and I hanged up .
Unfortunately I’m not heartless but some people just get your ass heartless .
People like the Benson’s who deserves purnishment that they would never forget .
Especially that brat called trey …ugh, I held to the glass cup I was holding with strong annoyance that it broke into pieces falling on the floor and Sandra walked into my office

” dude careful on how you brake glasses this days ” she said and I just looked away .As she walked to my table and dropped some files on it .

“That’s the file you asked for “she said and I didn’t reply her .

“Baby what’s wrong ” she came closer to me .

“It’s nothing ,it’s just that brat trey ,I just want him dead , thinking about what he did to my mom and dad makes me gets even more annoyed ” I gritted my teeth together .

“Honey look at me ” she makes me face her .

“Trust me in this okay , everything is step by step ,the idiot thinks im with him and I love him but he doesn’t know what I …or should I say we have in plan for him ,he’s just as naive as a 10 year boy ” she said .

” I just hope he asint slept with you because I will….

“Hey ,yew what do you take me for ,sleep with who ,you mean that trey that can’t even satisfy me ,of course not ,I’m with you and it’s you I love not the idiot we are planning for “she stated genuinely and that calmed me down .

” I trust you but already asked tim to be watching him while you are here at work with me ” I said .

“Oh that’s even better ,the faster the job gets and that will make that idiot go down on his feet a little earlier ,he even thinks I love him not knowing how much I’m in Love with you ” she smiled and pecked me on the lips as she wanted to stand up but I didn’t let her by kissing her and she reciprocated and the door flew opened and we withdrawed to see Mrs Turner .

Ugh the mood spoiler is here again . I almost rolled my eyes ..
As sandra stood up and adjusted her short dress and left my office and I saw mrs Turner stare at me with disgust as I looked down mushing my lips together as she made everywhere look arkward .
She’s going to bash me real bad I know that .

~alyssa ~

I woke up by 10pm as I sluggishly got up from my bed and the thought of dashing downstairs to drink something out of the fridge came upon me as I heard my phone beep more than twice and to check ,it was alot of messages that u didn’t know which one to read first .
But I opened the first one as I saw the companies name and I immediately looked away .

What’s going on ? Did they send me an employment message .I was going to run mad from that thought as I looked back and continue reading .

OmyGod what’s happening to me , employed! I immediately ran downstairs to my kitchen ,got out a bottle water from my fridge and gulped it down till my stomach couldn’t contain more water and I reopened the message to see I wasn’t seeing things .

Woah ,they employed me with just few words I said in that interview and did he even read the CV I dropped with the receptionist .what made him even choose me ,I’m sure they were alot of outstanding people that also come for an interview too .

OmyGod that doesn’t matter what matters is ,I’m employed for fucking sake .
And im starting tomorrow ,wow ,that happened unexpectedly .I was already thinking I slumped badly .
Wow I’m so happy .
I dashed up to my room to sleep as exciting butter flys filled my tommy till the next day .

Next day ****
I wore my best formal outfit I could ever put on and rushed out of my house before it was 7:30 exactly, I can’t be late on my first day that’s not happening .

I took a public transport that dropped me at a bus stop and i boarded a taxi that stopped at the front of the company itself .

I got down and went in.
And the receptionist told me to see the CEO .

I went to his office as I knocked and the door and nobody answered as I opened it and didn’t meet him at the office .
Nobody was there just me

Where did he go to ?
I wondered as my eyes cut a painting that was placed close to the air conditioner ,it was really beautiful as I stared at it like my life depends on it and I heard

Cough cough cough …someone coughed behind me which made me turn to see ,Mr sir himself .
I didn’t know how I should greet him but he just gave me an ugly look and he went to take his seat on his swivel chair.
He has a huge problem if someone asint told him yet .
I was going to seat but I didn’t know if I should seat or just stand ,cause Mr dude here gets irritated easily

“Have your seat ” he tells me and I sat down .

” I was expecting you not to come back ,cause I actually didn’t want you to come back here ” he said .

What !, your company sent me a message to be here and you are telling me you actually didn’t want me to come back ?I felt like telling him that but I can’t .

“Anyways you said your name was what again ?” He asked me .

“Alyssa Aurora “I responded .

“Oh Alyssa “he muttered .

“Change your name ,I don’t like Alyssa ” he said with a plain look .

” I …love my name ” I said to him

“And who asked for your opinion ” he fired at me as I mushed my lips together.

“Alyssa makes me remember someone I hate dearly ” he gritted .

” Okay …you can call me ,Brenda too ” I said .

“Hmmm …brenda .not bad ” he stated .

“So have you been told what your job will be ” he said .

” No ” I responded .

” Can you read at all ?” he asked .
Oh shit I didn’t check other message ,I think thats what the company sent .

” I’m sorry …I didn’t bother to check all my messages”I stated apologetically .

“Argh just forget it ” he hushed and stretched a paper he picked up from his table .

” Read through it and you will see all you have to do as my personal secretary ” he said as I wanted to collect the paper ,he threw it on the floor .

I picked it up from the floor and begin to go through it and my eyes caught one that said .

“I’m not allowed to talk to him like we are friends ,that the word sir should be added in every sentence I want to tell him ,….what ?how is that going to be possible .

“Whats that ?” He gave me a questioning look .

“Nothing ” I mubbled as I continued going through the paper and the last one was .

” I would have to follow him home sometimes for a complete office job and every where he has a meeting or an interview ” .

A complete office job ? What does that even mean .

My eyes scrolled down to the payment and it was so much that it made my lips tremble .
It’s 5 times alot than my previous salary ????.

“So your work starts today ,I will call Tonia to show you your office ” he said and dialed numbers on the landline and he begin to speak on the phone as my eyes scrolled around the other paintings that was displayed on the wall .
They were alll just creative and beautiful .
He spoke on the phone for few minutes before hanging up then a lady showed up .

And we left his office together as she took me to an office that wasn’t too small or neither big ,it was a medium sized that was extremely furnished than my previous office .
My eyes scrolled everywhere and when I turned back to ask her what I needed to do first ,she already left .

I walk to seat on swivel chair at the front of the table that had a computer and first thing that came to my mind was .

“What do I even need an office for ????”??

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