June 14, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 115

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He And Her V.

Episode 115


Camilla and I entered the doctor’s house ,we saw some set of people seated and mourning , those I assumed to be his family members.

His wife’s eye was red and the son was lowering his head. I loathed myself so much cause I know I’m the reason behind the loss of the father .

I should have gone to a different hospital to text the D.N.A text of Grace’s child. I need no one to tell me that Grace must have being tracing all of my movements and even killed the doctor who wants to unveil the truth.

Now ,I have every reason to doubt the fact that her daughter that she calls mine might not really be mine.

“Take care my sister!” I said to the wife feeling so guilty for what I had caused to the innocent lady.

I looked to the son who buried his head in His lap and went to meet him. “Son ,please be fine. I know his demise is as painful as sore but if you ever need anything ,please inform me ,I promise to provide it ” I said and the child looked up to my face.

“Thanks. I wish my dad never died. You may give me all but you can’t play that fatherly role as much as he would. Whoever kills him should better wait for me in the future cause I’m surely coming for the person” The boy said with tears pouring heavily from his face.

I looked away sadly and knew the person he would obviously come for in the future is me. Yes ,I may not kill the his father directly but I did indirectly.

I went to sit at Camilla’s side and looked to her face.

“We caused this!” She said and I nodded.



“Toast, boy!” I said laughing as Don and I had a toast of the drinks in our hands.

“Thanks for the cash boss.” Don said.

“Common! You deserve more ! I wasn’t expecting you to be tracing him after what happened. That was almost close ,he could have get the result and sent it to tucker. ” I said still giggling happily and victoriously as I sipped in the drink in my cup.

“Sorry for this boss ,but why don’t you want the result to be known to Tucker ,is the child his? ” Don asked and my face dropped into sadness.

“Don’t ever ask me that kind of question again. Let this be the last time. ” I scolded.

“I’m so sorry boss. Don’t be annoyed ” He said and supped in his drink.

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