August 6, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 29

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
Seeing Adrian leave the hospital,she trod to Tyler’s ward,the boy was awake and his lips curved to a smile when he saw her.
Eva’s head was filled with so many thoughts,
Is Adrian’s family so complicated that they’ll kill her ant chance they get?
She loves Adrian a lot and can’t imagine staying without him but can she risk it,risk her life and her sons life to be with him.
No,Tyler’s her greatest priority, she’ll risk everything to ensure his safety,everything including the one she loves.
“Ty,are you hungry? Would you want mommy to get you something to eat?” She asked the boy and he nodded,
“Okay stay here,mommy will be right back with something for you to eat.” The boy nodded whilst she left intending to go to the café to get something for the boy.
On her way there,she bumped in Rachel,
“Eva,how are you? Where’s Tyler?” She asked,holding her kids with both hands,
“He’s in his ward,I wanted to go get him something to eat.” She said to Rachel,Eva was so happy to have her coming to see Tyler,
“Well you don’t have to,I made his special pancakes and brought warm milk for him.” She showed the takeaway bag to Eva,
“And I brought yours too.” With this Eva led the way to Tyler’s room.
“Tyler!!” Derry and Stacey shrieked in happiness when they saw their friend,
“Kids you guys should be careful,Tyler isn’t well and you can’t disturb him much.” Rachel warned,the two nodded and waled to their sick friend.
” Aunt Eva,why isn’t Tyler speaking again?”Stacey asked innocently, that was when Rachel understood the gravity of what’d happened.
“Yes,he isn’t talking to us.” Derry added,feeling disappointed that their friend isn’t speaking,
“Uhm kids….” She racked a brain for a perfect lie to tell the kids,
“Kids you see,the doctors had given Ty a medication to recover,so he can’t talk till he finishes it.” Rachel came to her rescue,
“But mommy,what happened to him?” Stacey asked.Among the two,she feels more attached to Tyler than her brother and has already told her dad,she’ll marry Tyler whenever her brother picks on her( Funny kid’s words).
“You see…..Tyler’s daddy was trying to hit a tennis ball but he accidentally hit Tyler.” She lied again,
She can’t be using the word gun in the presence of these cute and curious looking faces.
“Now kids,come have your pancakes.” She said after sharing among the kids,
“Mommy can I feed Tyler?” Stacey asked,Eva nodded and gave her Tyler’s food.
“Eva what happen? When Adrian came to me this morning, he seemed so worried telling me that you and Tyler are in the hospital, I just came rushing down here.” She said looking perturb,
“Well,the actual fact is that my ex husband came..” Rachel gasped,
When the kids turned to her,she faked a smile,
“Mommy,what’s wrong?” Derry asked,
“Nothing aunt Eva was just telling g me how the tennis hit Tyler.” She lied,the boy nodded and took his curious eyes from them.
“What? How did he find you guys?” The new was so shocking,
“I don’t know but all I could recall was that they took Tyler and me,thanks to Davis and Adrian we got saved but on our way out,Joseph shut Tyler and this..”
“That man is no human,he’s a monster,” Rachel said in disdain,
“How can he shoot his son?” She asked rhetorically,
“Guess he was more insane than I thought?” Eva voiced,
“Where did you say you saw Adrian?” She asked Rachel,
“Uhm,he came to my shop this morning and told me,asking if I could go spend the whole day with you,he needs to go take care of something and won’t be back till night.” Rachel told her and Eva frowned,
“Did you guys had a quarrel?” She asked Eva,she shook her head,
As much as how she want to tell Rachel everything,she cannot tell her about Adrian’s through identity.
“You’re okay?” Rachel peered her face to Eva’s, seeing they woman’s thought wasn’t here,
“Uhm..yes, I’m pretty okay.” Eva faked a smile,
“Rachel,can you help me watch over Tyler for sometime, I need to attend to something.” Rachel doesn’t want to pry,so she just nodded,
“Yeah,I’ll do just that but make sure you’re okay.” She turned to the kids, looking at Tyler she couldn’t help but wonder,
What insane father would shoot his four year old son?
Tossing the thought aside,she looked at Eva,who’d stood up from her seat.Going to her son,she kissed his forehead,
“Ty honey, I’ll be right back, while I go out,aunt Rachel would look after you.” The boy frowned at the thought of his mother leaving him,
“Don’t worry,I’ll be here before you know it.” Pulling away from the boy,she took another glance at Rachel before she walked out of the room.
The only thing she wants to do now is to clear herself up with Davis and tell him where things stands with them now.
Walking into the motel,many thought ran wild in her brain,
Isn’t it better she leaves Adrian and come back to Davis?
What if Davis refuses to help her?
If he gets adamant and insist he wants her and Tyler,what would she do.
With these thoughts, she almost wanted to retreat and go back to the hospital but no,she wasn’t going to hide anymore,now she’s gong to face her problem as they come,she’ll be no coward from now on.
“What do you want Miss?” The receptionist asked her,
“Davis..Davis Kingston.” She replied, checking through her roaster,the girl sized up Eva,
“Mr Davis is not in now,he went out awhile ago.” The girl looked up, traces of anger and jealously could be seen in her eyes as she spoke,
“When will he arrive?” Eva asked feeling defeated,
“That’s not something I would want to share with you..” She replied rudely. Not wanting to cause any scene,she turned to leave,but as she got to the min door,a familiar voice called her,
“Eva.” She halted and turn,there was Adrian looking at her,his eyes were so filled with dejection, she secretly wished she wasn’t the cause of it,
“Mis….ter…Kin.” The receptionist stammerer, Davis cold glare made her swallow hard and shut up,
“You wanna talk with me right?” He asked Eva in a flat emotionless tone,she just nodded,
“Come with me.” He ordered, then Eva retrace her steps and followed him not saying any word as they walked to his room.
The whole room was a mess when she got in,it was just like they just fought third world war in the room.
“Sorry for the mess,I haven’t been able to clean up lately,” He apologized as he skirted his way past the mess and made space for her to sit on the bed
Something seemed odd to her,Davis was staggering as he walked and when he spoke now, the faint aroma of alcohol evade the room,
Davis’s drinking?
All the time she’s spent with him,she has never seen him get drunk before,
Watching his bring out another bottle of tequila from the drawer,opening it and drowning it made her worry,
“Da..vis…you’re drinking.” She stood up to take the flat bottle from his hand but he pushed her away,
“Don’t worry about me,you came to talk to me right? Talk I’m listening.” His attitude was so indifferent and his words were now slurrish,
“Davis you need to stop drinking,you’re hurting yourself.” She said worriedly,
“Like you care,” he mused and took another gulp of the content of the bottle,
“Davis stop!” She forcefully took the body from him,
“You need to stop drinking and..” Davis stood up in anger and faced her,
“Stop drinking?” He laughed sarcastically,anger ruled his memory now,he spouted all he felt was weighing him down.
“Stop drinking and do what?” He asked her,Eva was frightened, she has never seen him this drunk and angry before,this made her body chill,
“Mourn my self to death that I’ve lost you? Commit suicide that the woman I love is now with another man and my son has failed to recognize me as his father.Eva,I’ve tried to get back to you,to tell you that what happened that day five years ago was a plain accident and I had acted on instinct but no,you failed to believe me,you failed to see how much I love you.” He vented in anger and burden out,
“Do you know how miserable I was while I was in London,I’d to being with Lauren to try forget about you since you’re now married to my brother but I couldn’t, Zia was a mistake I made when I was drunk and since then I haven’t given any woman chance to be with me cause I had a deep feeling that we’ll meet again and I’ll make you mine but no,you’ve refused to give me that chance..” He fell on the bed,lying with arm spread,the drink is getting the best of him now,
“I fought with my family to ensure your safety….” His words were getting slower and slurred,
“I made a wrong decision, if I had acted on time……wo…uld..s..till…be…al…live..” Immediately he said those slurred words,he fell asleep,
“My parents would be what?” She asked when it finally hitted her what he just said,
“Davis…” She bend and took his head,
“Davis what were you saying?” She asked again, now something inside her has risen,something she has manage to bury and move on,it has just risen.
It useless talking to him now,I’ll do that when I come back and he’s sober.
She turned to leave but he held her back in his drunken state,
“Please don’t leave me Eva.” He slurred,dragging her back,she fell right beside him and he wrapped his arms around her,
“Please don’t go.”He mumbled again,she tried to leave him once he falls asleep but she couldn’t cause his arms were stronger than hers,she pushing it away made it tighter and stronger,so she gave up and lay beside him till sleep finally got her.

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