August 4, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 30

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????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
Adrian sat down at his uncle’s fury,
“How can you tell me you’re in love with a human?” The man yelled,making the foundation of the building quiver.
He didn’t say anything again
“Uncle,what you need yo know is that this favorite nephew of yours has completely lost it” Lucas said,loving the fact that Uncle Sola is angry at Adrian,
The man had loved and supported the boy since they were kids,
“You’re not bringing her here,do you know the consequences of what you just said?” He said,
“How do you think the others will take this..”
“Uncle,Eva’s no monster or one beast,she just a human…” He tried to explain,but the man cut him short,
“And that’s the more reason you should stay away from her,she’s a human.Have you forgotten what happened years ago?” The man asked in anger,
“What do you expect the son of a human to do,fall in love with another human.” Lucas jeered,Uncle Sola’s glared made him shut,
“Adrian,” The man pulled the boy closer,
“Adrian,I know how much you love this human woman but don’t you see the danger you’re putting her and her son to by bringing her here.” The said now gentler,Lucas couldn’t help but be jealous,
Why would his Uncle be more gentler and caring to Adrian who’s a half human,half vampire,when he Lucas,is a full vampire.
“Uncle,I’m going to protect them with my life,I’m no coward like my father who couldn’t protect the woman he loved….”
Uncle Sola’s old but strong palms rammed his face,
“You don’t dare talk about your father like that.” There was fury in his eyes as he spoke,
Seeing him hit Adrian made Lucas happier,
“Adrian I’m sorry…” Before the man could finish,Adrian walked out of the place,
Now they’re gonna see him do his will,whether they like it of not.
Leaving the place,the first thing he wanted to do was to go have a word with Davis,
The man might not like him and neither does he like him but he has to enlist Davis help to protect Eva and Tyler.
Jumping into his mountain bike,the one he barely uses,he drove out of the woods,heading to the motel where Davis and Diego were lodged.
Getting to the motel,he decided to call Dr Matt,
“Adrian where are you now?” The doctor asked,
“I’m going off to handle some stuffs,how’s the boy?” He asked,
“Well,he should be with his mother in the private ward.” Doctor Matt who hadn’t seen Eva leave thought she was in there with Tyler,
“Okay,make sure no one gets to them,not even my uncle or Lucas or anyone at all.” The man nodded,
“I’ll call you back when I’m done.” With this he hung,parked his bike and walked into the motel.
Poor maintenance, the receptionist was asleep on her desk when he walked pass her.
Since he knows Davis’s room number,he wasn’t gonna ask her anything or even wake her up,he just took the stairs and headed for his room.
Luckily the door wasn’t closed, so he twist the knob and opened the door to a sight that drained life from him.
When he opened the door,the room and the bed were a great mess,with Eva lying beside Davis,with the latter’s arm around her like he was spooning her.
Color drained from his face as he staggered backwards,
“E..v..a..” Not wanting to wake them up,he retraced his step and left the motel.

‘She still loves him,she damn loves him.”The thought alone made his head spun,
“Why wouldn’t she? I’m nothing but an ordinary vampire while he’s a human and also the father of her son,she’ll always prefer him to me.” He cursed himself as he took the last bottle of tequila,
He blamed his father,
If they hadn’t turned him then,he would have been a human now..
No,if they hadn’t turned him them,he must have been long gone death by now.
It wasn’t their fault….No it was his,
His thinking that things will be alright between him and Eva,
Thinking that their two separate world can collide and become one,
And making himself believe she was ever in love with him.
With all this wild thoughts running in his head,he decided something,
Since he could get her,he’ll give her the happiness she deserve,
Hell make her stay with Davis,but not here,not in Flint Hills,rather somewhere else.

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