July 29, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 45

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 45


I put a call across to the boss with the digit of the beautiful me and he picked it at the first ring.

“Hello dear!” He greeted before I could speak


“Are you aware that I’m injured ?”


“It was horrible ,they had to perform a surgical operation for me!”


“ERM…is everything alright?”

“Not yet,information reaching me now that you seem to love your secretary than anyone including me. I was even told she now lives in your house. ” I said.

“Common! I loathe that rude girl so much. It’s you that I really Love.”

“Oh! Why deceiving me that you love me? You love me ,yet you can not employ me as your secretary ,you love me yet can not employ me as your nurse” I said.

“I really thought it will be somehow uncomfortable for you. I’m so sorry!”

“Oh! Is it too late already!”

“You mean you want to come and nurse me ?”


“I will be so glad ,please come around. ”

“And how about that ugly thing you call your secretary?”

“That one! I’m firing her right away!”

“Do that first then tell me so I can start coming” I said.

“Alright dear.” He said and hung up.

The boss walked with His injured legs few minutes later to where I sat at the living room and said; “Hey you, I did not need your service anymore ”

“Whose service?” His brother asked as he came into view.

The boss turned to his brother and said; “Her service of course ”

“Why?” His brother asked him.

“Did you not see how she’s behaving like a slU-*t ,forcing herself into kissing me” I said.

“That’s not worth firing her for”

“Common brother! You had employed another person already and the person in question is on her way!” He told his brother.

“The person can come but I need her to stay ,not as your nurse any longer but as my own personal assistant.” His brother said.

“You can discuss that with her after I had fired her.” He turned from his brother and faced me.

“Leave ,you fired” He said and I stood and walked outside.

His brother came running to me and tried to stop me but I walked swiftly and took the next available cab home.

He just fired the ugly me , now the beautiful me will be going back to him.

All I want to find out is whom he really loves !

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