July 25, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 20 and 21

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 20
Scot’s POV
I was in my house relaxing when Mark brought me a brown envelop.
‘Sir, somebody brought this for you,’ he said with a bow.
He is way older than me but too respectful. I have known him ever since I was a young boy.
‘A girl, she had a cap, a black trouser and black hoodie,’
‘Did she say her name?’
‘No sir, but I also forgot to ask,’
‘You may go.’
I dismissed him and opened the envelop and what I saw made my blood boil in anger.
Harry and Sofia and to make matters worse she was smiling.
I looked at the letter and on top was written, ‘Watch the flash first before you read this.’
I ran to my room and took my laptop.
Their photos played on my screen. I felt jealous and angry. How could he? After I told him about us dating he still looked for her. I love her and this feeling will make me go crazy. The photos played and I heard her voice.
‘Harry is cool though’
I left the laptop and poured myself some wine. I needed something to relieve the pain I was feeling. I gulped down two glasses of wine before taking the letter.
‘I’m sorry for how she has hurt you but I suggest you move on and love someone else. You have people who love and willing to give anything for you. Make the right decision.’
I threw the letter on the floor and drank from the wine. I regret everything including loving her. Now am supposed to leave her for Harry. After so much thoughts I made my mind, I’m going to use Lily to forget about her. They are sisters, they might be sharing some personalities.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 21
Harry’s POV
I really enjoyed myself today. I went to bed though it’s early but I needed rest. My legs are hurting and I have no-one to massage them. I was still replaying my day when my phone rang. I thought it was Sofia but found out it was Scot.
????Hi bro, what’s up?
????Hi, can you come over to my house please.
????I’m on my way.
????Thank you man.
I got down from bed and dragged my lazy self to the car.
It was eight at night and nobody will recognize me. I drove to his house and he was seated outside drinking.
This is unlike him because he rarely drinks unless he is going through something. There were two empty bottles of alcohol, two full and one half.
‘Enough man,’ I said and took the bottles away.
‘I’m leaving her for you,’ he said.
‘Sofia, don’t hurt her please,’ he begged in tears.
‘I don’t understand what you are talking about. I will spend the night here then we talk when you are sober,’
‘I may be drunk but my mind isn’t drank. It hurts to let her go but am giving her to you. Make sure you win her heart and don’t ever hurt her,’ he said and staggered inside.
I wish I could know what is wrong with him. I went to my room in his house and spent the night there.
He also has a room in my other apartment.
I woke up early the next morning and he was already awake.
‘What were you talking about yesterday?’ I asked when we were talking breakfast.
‘I’m leaving Sofia for you and don’t hurt her,’ he said with an expressionless face.

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