July 25, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 25

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????????The Boss and His Employee????????

Episode 25

Hayley’s POV

Charlene’s disappearance derived happiness from us and I feel pity for my brother because he isn’t himself.

He has turned himself to a drunkard and he isn’t going to work.

“Larry please stop what you’re doing,” I said holding him from behind because he has been punching walls and breaking things in his room.

I’m used to seeing him doing this but it really breaks my heart . He kept on punishing himself because of this issue , yes I also blame him but I can’t say it because it will add pain to his wounded heart .

“It’s not your fault that she’s missing,” I said trying to calm him down.

“It’s my fault Hayley , she disappeared because of me . If I haven’t cheated on her then she was supposed to be here with me. I hate myself for doing that , right now Carlton is angry and doesn’t want to see me because of her sister ” he said sobbing.

“Don’t do this to yourself please,” I said to him

” I don’t deserve to live Hayley, I should be the one to be missing not her. She didn’t deserve the pain I caused to her . You stopped me from killing Ella but she was supposed to die ,” he said with a crying voice.

⬅ *Flashback*➡
(the day Charlene disappeared)

????‍????Author’s POV????‍????

After Hayley cut Larry’s call , Larry cried like a baby for a small period of about ten minutes then went to his refrigerator and took out two bottles of whiskey. He gulped down the contents within a few seconds and became drunk like never before.

He rushed upstairs, took his gun then got into his car and made his way to Gabriella’s flat . When he got out of his gate , Hayley spotted his car then followed behind. She was scared that he might got himself into an accident and she has been calling him so that she will tell him to slow down but Larry had left his phone home.

When they reached their destination , Larry came out of his car and got into Ella’s flat .

Ella was drinking her champagne in celebration of victory when Larry got inside unexpectedly. He took out his gun and pointed it straight to her forehead , Ella’s glass dropped to the floor because she was shaking.

He didn’t say anything , he pulled the trigger but Hayley was quick enough push him down so the bullet missed Ella’s head . She was shot on her arm and Hayley quickly called the ambulance but Larry had already passed out so they were both taken to the hospital.


The Boss And His Employee. Episode 26
The Boss And His Employee. Episode 24

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