August 1, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 26

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire

Episode 26


After the business party , he made Jason known to his business friends. I on the other hand got to see people that I will never have being able to see for the rest of my life.

They are the richest people of our state and are most respected my top government officials.

Now that I save Jason’s @ss the second time ,I would see what he would say and how he wild react this time.

Jason ,the fat girl and I walked to his car. We all hopped in while he drove us back to the hotel.

On getting to the hotel ,I stepped down and watch as he discuss softly with the fat girl inside the car.

I ignored and went back to his room. He arrived after few minutes and leaned on the wall of the room looking at me in utmost surprise.

“So you traced us to where we headed too?”

“And is that a ‘thank you?”I asked sarcastically.

“Hey girl ,I don’t say ‘thank you’ to anyone. I have my money already ,I only need more money. If he rejects it ,fine. ” he said.

“Oh really? A billionaire that doesn’t know how to appreciate what others do to him”.

“Not like you help me young girl ,state your price for what you just did?” He said arrogantly and went to sip in a drink.

“One billion dollar !” I said and he looked at me in shock.

He brought his face to me and arched his brow.

“Why are you surprised ? I know you can’t afford it. Why are you pretending as if you do not also want to be amidst the ten richest men in our country? Isn’t that why you are desperate to make the deal with him. Found out the man is the third richest man in America and you are here forming proud to me ” I said and his lips dropped.

“You know this already?”

“I’m not dumb. Let me tell you this; if you do not want me to expose your @ss ,better keep appreciating all what I do cause sooner or later ,you would soon be left alone with him and you and I know he would never approve any deal with you without my presence. ” I said and he just kept watching me in surprise.

“Why are you even acting as if my presence is not important. You would have lost a deal that would have given you fortune with your pride. ” I said.

“Have you now become my mother that you can freely scold me. ” He said.

“Just do what I want?” I said.

“What did you want?” He asked “A billion dollar?”

“No , something worth more than that” I said. “All I want is a ‘Thank You’ ”

He giggled and looked away then walked to me.

“If you want money , beg so I can give you poor thing. But THANK YOU ,no! I mean; what’s so special about you that I will be telling you ‘thank you'”

“Oh! You want to know what is so special about me ?”

“I do not want to know cause there is nothing to know. Now ,stop acting like you one demi god and realize that I still own you and can let them jail you poor thing for lodging in an hotel without the intention of paying?” He said.

“Alright ,next time…I won’t save you ,at least you will know my worth ,then.” I said and he chuckled.

“Worth of a poor thing like you. Common, stand up and clean that bed for me?” He commanded and I obliged.

I promise myself that he will surely pay for this. I saved him twice and he didn’t even see value in what I did.

So unfair. Next time ,I’m not saving him.

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