August 3, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 32

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 32.


Miguel’s POV.

Ruby’s birthday.

I had promised Ruby to come to her birthday party and since I don’t like to break promise , here I am.

I sat at a table with some empty sits before and beside me. The programme was yet to commence, everywhere was well decorated , so beautiful

The cakes had being set and the red carpet had being tied. One needs no one to tell him that Ruby’s parent are indeed rich

“Hi Miguel ” Someone called cheerfully, I turned to see who the person was and my face met with Ruby

“Ruby ” I called and she blushed

She’s dressed exquisitely and glamorous , elegant and beautiful to the eyes

“You look good” I complimented.

“Aw…” She blushed extremely

” Did you come with a friend?” She asked

“No, just I ” I replied

“Oh! That’s great then, I will surprise you then” She said and walked away

Surprise? What did she meant by that?

After few minutes , two familiar faces walked in. I saw them clearly as they approached me ,It’s Ruby and Joe

They sat at the sit before me before greeting me to which I replied

I can’t say I’m jealous ,bit I do not really feel too comfortable with Ruby and Joe getting along , coming to the party together and sitting side by side.

The programme finally commenced , the servers were serving and everyone was having fun

The coordinator of the programme finally called Ruby out.

“Hey friends , thank you all for coming to my birthday , I believe you have being having fun. I really need a birthday gift from one of my friend here…And the rule is simple, he must grant my request , did you guys agree?” She asked and everybody answered “yes”

She called me out and I stood up unsurprised. I knew that she may call me I just didn’t know what her request could be

“Guys , this is my friend Miguel… ” She said , paused and looked lustfully inside my face

“I need just one thing ” She said

“And that is?” I asked


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