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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 4

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✨ Alyssa and the billionaire ✨
.by jojo gray
[Bamteddy series] ????
. episode 4

~alyssa ~
“Can you believe the dude is just 23 and he talks to me like we are mate ” I frowned as I walk to my kitchen talking to Carly on the phone .

” That’s not new ,my boss son speaks to me in a mannerless way and he’s just 21 ,so you see yours is still better than mine ” she said and I sighed .

” Arghh I will just have no choice but to tolerant him till I don’t even know when ” I stated as I opened the fridge to take a bottle water .

” Now that’s the spirit ,you are after your work and salary right ,so forget him. How much is the pay anyway ?” Carly sounded curious .

” Ahead of my previous salary and guess what I did nothing today than to sit in that cool conditioner till it was 3 and i left ” I smirked .

“Now you see why you have reasons to tolerant trey ” she said .

“How did you know him ?” I asked her in suprise hearing her mention his name

“Common who doesn’t know the Benson’s ,trey is the only son
of late mr benson and I heard he talks to his mom anyhow and as no regard for people around him but fortunately for him the opposite is placed on Google to give him a good name ” Carly mubbled on the phone .

“How do you know all this ?” I widen my eyes as I dropped the Bottle water I was going to drink on the counter .

” Calos told me all this ,his friend is like a cousin to trey so we know all this from his cousin ” Toby ” .she explained .

“That guy is one rude somebody ,he doesn’t even care how or who I am but I don’t blame him ,I blame his dad for putting a somebody like him in in charge ” I rolled my eyes .

” yeah ,Anyways gotta go ,call you later ” Carly said and I replied her and hunged up .

The people I dislike most are rude and arrogant people .I muttered In annoyance as I dashed upstairs to sleep .

“Next day “…..

I woke up and gave a quick glance at the wall clock and that said 9am .
OmyGod I immediately bounced up from my bed and went to freshen up before I put on any cloth that was cooperate ,carried my bag and left the house .

I waited at the bus stop for almost an hour before a bus arrived which I entered and it drove and stopped at the last bus stop then I boarded a taxi that dropped me at the company .
And when I entered the company my heart almost skipped in fear .
I went to my office first and I sat for almost thirty minutes before Tonia came in to tell me ,trey wanted me at his office that minute ,I heard her say that ,I became more scared .

I got to his office and knocked a little but no one answered then I swallowed before I opened the door and a ball was coming directly to my face as I bend down and the small ball hit the door .

And trey gave me a look that stated ” what the fuck “.

He’s giving me a look when the ball could have hit me on the head ????.

I immediately looked down when I noticed he was trying to see if I was getting all angry already not knowning hes only deceiving himself cause I won’t let him see the anger side of me .

“I’m sorry sir ” I said .

” State your offence ?” He sounded bossy .

” I arrived late and it won’t happen again ,I promise ” I said as I looked down .

” Look at me ” he said.and I slowly raise my head up to look at him .

“I don’t want to do this but you forced me too so all im going to say is that you are fired” he said and that sentence almost gave me an heart attack .

” What !…..
But …sir you cant …fire me ,I beg you ” I didn’t know when I got down on my knees .

” I promise it won’t repeat itself again and I will be a good and dedicated worker to you…. I begin to rush my word before he cuts me off with an hideous laughter and I raise my head slowly to look up at him .

“Pretty girls shouldn’t be on their knees ,I don’t allow that so would you stand up and stop giving me a bad name ” he said .

” Please allow me be like this ,I don’t want to lose my job ” I said in a teary expression .

“You actually thought I was going to fire you ,nah ,even Tonia gets to work late almost every time and I still forgive her ,so tell me am I not a good boss? ” he said giving a lopsided smile and I noded in great relief that he didn’t mean it .

I can’t lose my job on the next day ,I don’t know how I will do go about that .

“Thank you ….sir ” I stood on my feet .

“Thanks your stars, anyway We have a meeting by 1 today ,so get prepared cause you will be there ” he said and I noded .

“Are you still standing there or what if I choose to change my …..

” I was leaving ” I said and turned back , walked out of his office and went to mine .
i sat down and place my hand on my head .
Gosh ,I can’t believe I almost got fired today .

An hour hours later …..

~trey ~

Ugh …I threw my phone on the floor out of great annoyance and my door fell opened and it was the new secretary .

“Sir the meeting you said we are going to go for ,it’s already almost 1 and you Avent said anything about it ” I reminded him and he just threw me an hard stare that made me swallow before he stood up.

“Meet me outside ” he angrily walked out of his office .

He just always seems too scary .

I scout to pick up his phone from the floor to see the screen badly broken and to see his phone still on a call with someone that had the name ” mom “that he placed on silent .

I placed it to speak out and she keeps on repeating the word “hello ” till the line cut out .

How could he throw the phone away when his mom’s on the line ????.that’s rudeness to the highest order ,poor mother of his .

I stood up on my feet and walked outside of his office with his phone .

I got outside and saw a car that seemed like a limo that parked at the front of the company that trey was in .
I opened and entered the other side and made sure to seat few meters away from him to prevent him from getting irritated again .
And the limo was alot cozzy and nice and to be honest I’ve never been into a car as such before

The driver begin to drive as trey was scrolling and staring at his phone attentively .

Looks like he got another phone apart from the one he broke .
He’s rich enough to brake phones anyway .
I wonder what he’s mom had said or done that he got so annoyed to the extend of slaming an iPhone on the floor .

We got to a huge and beautiful building that the gate opened itself and the limo drove in and pulled over at a place that had fleets of cars parked .
Even the one that I’ve never seen in my entire 29 years life and they were all red or black in color .
Wait Is this his house ?

“Wanna get a file i forget at home “, he stated in a calm tone and the door of the limo [I should call the car ]it opened and he got out .as my eyes caught his house that looked so cool ,big and beautiful,rich people are really enjoying , sometimes I use to wish I was a rich kid … I muttered as I stared out of the tinted window.As a red feminine car drove in and parked beside where the limo was parked with other fleets of cars .

A young lady walked out wearing a black slim cooperate dress and red high heels on her feet and a red woman’s bag on her arm .she looked so elegant with her her wavy long hair .

Who is that ?

I saw her walk in elegantly as I wondered for a while .

And few minutes later in observing trey was coming back and he got into the limo holding some files and the driver drove us out .

We went somewhere that I didn’t know about but they were improtant people that made me feel a little timid .
Trey was really nicer than I ever thought he can be to thoes people but he gave kept rolling his eyes while they were not looking at him .
His not a nice person by nature .

While we were returning to the office he told the driver to get a u turn that he has changed his mind to go home but when I reminded him I was here too ,he said the driver would drop him first before he drops me anywhere and trust me he sounded pretty mean about it .
As the driver was driving us back to his house ,he was still on his phone as I saw him giggled and that made him …..look… kinda good looking .

Hmm who is he talking too that is making him laugh cause since I met him two days ago ,his smile always seem forced or fake or an evil one but this time his smile was just pure… and real .

“Would you not look at me ,that signs of disrespect” he said plainly while looking at his phone and I immediately look away akwardly .

“I’m sorry …sir ” I apologized .

” Sorry for yourself ” he stated plainly .

Sorry for myself ugh ????.I guess I shouldn’t have apologized infact I should stop apologizing to this 23 year old freak .

” Call me names in your mind again and you will be chooked up ” he said plainly still looking at his phone .

Huh ,what the fuck !can he hear my mind or what .

“Just quit thinking sort of things about me already ” he said and the door of the limo opened itself as he got down and for me to realise we where already back at his house and I saw that same elegant girl walk outside wearing a floppy slippers and not her heels that really captivated me as she place her hand around his neck and his hand around her waist and they shared a personate kiss .

Wait .. she’s his girlfriend ?
She’s really good looking and he’s a bit taller than her which made them fit perfectly physically but I’m surprised how a grumpy guy like him have such a gorgeous girlfriend .I’m really jealous ????…..

The driver asked me where I was going too from a speaker bringing me out of my thought and i replied him by telling him the address From the speaker i heard him sound from .

He drove me home that afternoon and dropped me at the building of my house and when I got down he drove away .
I walked to my porche and shoved the key in the key lock of my door and as I opened it I saw …..
“How did you get in …if I locked the door “I frowned .

Why is Alyssa frowning ????????????.

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