July 30, 2021

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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 5

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✨ Alyssa and the billionaire ✨
By Jojo gray
[Bamteddy series]????
Episode 5
~alyssa ~

“Tony “……..I mentioned with great shock .

“Hey” he smiled ,stood up and tucked his hand into his pocket .

“What are you doing here and how did you get in …I look at him from head to toe “. wondering how he got into my house when im sure I locked it before I left for work .

“Oh you are wondering how I got in right , remember we once shared this house and due to that you gave me a spare key”..he raised the key up to my face .

“Please leave “…I said with a stern stare and he was walking closer to me .

“Please stay where you are and don’t think of coming any further ” …I said demonstrating a stop sign with my hand which made him stop coming closer at a point .

“Common Alyssa cant we just forget the past and make this work ,I miss you ” he said .

“I don’t miss you and please get out of my house ,we have no business together again like I said on the day we broke up” …I angrily said .

“Alyssa ……he was going to say something then I cut him off .

“You are not even ashamed of yourself after you cheated on me more than twice and you come here asking me to forgive you ,how many times I’m I going to forgive you huh and besides like you said , Victoria deserves you more than I do ,so please just leave or I might call the cops on you ” I half yelled .

“But baby …..

“Don’t you ever call me that again and if you don’t leave this instance I swear to God who made me I’m going to call the cops on you and you won’t be released till I ask them too ” I said with a stern look .

” Yeah whatever ,I will leave but I will be back and we will be getting back together” he said as walked beside me heading to the door

” In your dreams ” I mumbled and he was out of my house already .

“Asshole …
Gosh ,just look at his mouth like he misses me after I caught him making out with Victoria ugh such a dog “.I muttered as I walk to the kitchen to get a bottle water from the fridge and gulped it down and annoyingly throws it into the fridge and close it up with the same annoyance .

Ugh he just added to my annoyance after tolerating how that trey of a guy speaks to me .arhh
Why must I go through annoying men always.

I heard My phone ringing and I walked back to the living room to get my phone from my bag that was on the couch .

And to check the caller it was Carly .

“Hi ,alyssa guess what” …she sounded happy on the phone .

“What ?……,you got a new job” I arched my brow ..

“Common that was lame Alyssa guess again” she said .

“You know I’m not good at guesses ,just tell me the problem ” I explained to her .

“Okay ,this is it ,my boss rewarded me a car for my hard work and honesty since 2015 I’ve been working there and since I’m pregnant and I can’t go to work ,it’s also known as a gift ” she stated with joy .

” huh ..You mean that 21 year old guy that talks to you anyhow ” I raised one of my brow .

“Nah ,he’s not my boss ,he’s my boss son ,I’m speaking of Mr Hummer ” she said

“Oh you mean that nice man ,awwn I’m so happy for you ” I said .

” Yeah so how was work today ” she asked .

“Ugh don’t even ask me cause I almost got fired ,like I hate that trey so much ,he’s too mean ,I wish I could just resign …..

“No no Alyssa don’t do that ,like I said tolerate him like I tolerate mine ,with time he would act fair to you ” she advised .

” If you say so ” I mumbled .

“Can you believe that stupid Tony visited me ” I tell her .

“Shut up you don’t mean it ” she stated out of shock .

“I’m serious and he even want us back together ,he said he misses me but trust me he didn’t look sincere while saying all thoes ” I expounded.

” Don’t even give that cheat another chance ,guys like that don’t deserve somebody like you ,he’s a cheat forever he can never change ” Carly stated .

“Yeah ,that’s what I also thought too ,thanks Carly ” I said .

” So..hmmm…how did you get almost fired today ” she asked .

“I was late to work and that dude almost fired me ugh ,I wonder if I didn’t beg so much like i did I would have been fired by now ” I rolled my eyes .

” Alyssa look ,lemme give you some tips ,if you want to stay long at where you work ,you better listen to that guy ,or else he might fire you and if he fires you boom you are back to square one ,just my opinion though ” she said .

” Yeah you are right ,thanks ” I responded .

“So now I gotta go ,I have someone to go to this evening ,call you later huh ” she said .

“Sure ,bye ” I said and she hanged up .

Carly is right ,I just have to be calm and have no choice but just do what he says .
that day I watched a movie ,I love watching movies but not the romantic ones .

~trey ~

“What do you think you are doing” …Sandra said .

“Common let’s do this ” I said .

” Do what ” she said.

“Make Love ,just once ,you know ” I said .

“Like I said I want to keep my virginity till we get married ” she said and I sighed and said

” Do you think I’m going to dump you or what ” I asked plainly .

“Not that ” she responded and her phone that was on the center table begin to ring

“Please get off me ” she said and I stood up from on top her .

” Who is that ?” I asked her.

“Nobody ,it’s just Steven ” she said and immediately covered her mouth with her palm.

” Steven …..?,who is ….

” I meant Stephanie ” she cuts in.

” stephanie ……Who is Stephanie ?” I asked her

” My friend and besides must you know everybody I talk too ?” She said .

“No it’s not like that ,I’m just curious ,cause the same person calls you like every day and still you never talk about the person ,isn’t that weird ” I said with my brow up

“Nothing is weird , Stephanie is a very close friend of mine and I need to call her back you know” she said

“Okay then ” I said and she walks out to the balcony .

My phone begins to ring and it was my mom .

Ugh God ,i hate her so much cause she hates me too .she will always yabbing me that I’m not capable to head a company .
She didn’t want my dad to will his company to me before he died,she wanted it for my senior brother .
Who was even adopted .which mother does that ????

I don’t know their bond exactly ,ugh that woman .

I just cut the call .

~sandra ~

“Hey ,stop calling me “…I said in a low tone to Steve .

“Why cant I call my girlfriend ” he said

“You fool ,we are in this together and you want to suddenly spoil our entire plan that we worked for ” I rolled my eyes

” Hey watch the words you use for me ,what do you expect me to do ,you always spend most of your time with that kid ,we only see during work and that’s all ” he stated and I sighed

” Okay I’m sorry but what can I do ,I have to spend my time with Trey to make him love me more than he does ,then I can find a way to make him sign those documents so we could collect everything the Benson’s owns from the idiot and once that is done ,you know we are back to together fully and besides you should know I’m doing this for you ” I explained .

“Yeah baby then we kill him and then I can make him pay for my parents death ” Steve said in an upsetting tone .

” You dont need to be upset now cause everything is going as we planned but do you think it will be neccesary to Kill him ,he still young to die ” I suggested .

“Yeah whatever but if you touches you [sex] I’m going to kill that guy I swear ” he sounded annoyed .

” Common Nothing like that will happen cause I already had better plans on that and besides he still thinks I’m a virgin planning to keep it for him till we blah blah blah ” I chuckled .

“I gotta go now ,looks like he’s expecting me back , so bye,love you ” I said .

“Love you too” he said and I hanged up .


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