June 13, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 116

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He And Her V.

Episode 116


So Grace had to kill an innocent man because she’s trying to conceal the truth. I had a mixed feeling from the very day the text was performed on her daughter.

I just had an instinct that something is not right, bur who am I to question the result of professional medical doctors.

She knew that if the girl happened not to be Tucker’s daughter ,then the right she’s holding on to remain in Tucker’s house will be void.

I’ll be so glad if that daughter of hers turns out not to be for Tucker. I can’t wait to see her drag her envious foot out of this house so Tucker and I can live the life we had always wished for.


Two weeks later ,I start to feel dizzy and noticed that I wake with spit in my mouth every morning.

I do not want to be unnecessarily happy by deluding myself that I’m pregnant. I could have gone to that same hospital but the doctor that attends to me is dead and other doctors there might have being bribed to come out with a wrong result.

I do not want to jeopardize whatever might be going on with me.

I choose a day of the week ,very early in the morning when no one has woken up ,around 3:30 AM.

Tucker didn’t sleep in my room ,he was in his room which makes it easier for me to execute my plan.

And even if anyone had being assigned to be monitoring Tucker and I ,I believe such person isn’t a robot that does not sleep.

I drove one of my newly acquired car to Florida, it’s a different state from ours and it took me hours before I got there.

I walked in just like any other patient and went through the process anyone would go through.

I lodged my complain to the doctor and he advised I go to one of their laboratory for text I subjected myself to the text and about an hour later , a woman who works there came towards me and handed over the result to me.

“Congratulations ma!” She said and walked away.

Butterflies began to fly in my belly even before I open it. Her words are making me so optimistic about the result.

Could I be pregnant?

I opened the file and found out that I’m pregnant.

I jumped up a number of times happily that I had to stop when I realize that passer by were concentrating their attentions on me.

I walked out of the crowd of people to my car and close the door to my car happily.

I was so happy that I have a baby for Tucker.

I couldn’t even wait to get home to tell Tucker , I called him on phone immediately and told him about it and he expressed his happiness.

He was as much happy as I am.

“We must celebrate this , I can’t wait for you to bring your belly here !” he said through the phone and I laughed.

“I love you ” I told him.

“I love you too baby. Thanks for carrying my genuine baby “He said and we both laughed.

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