July 31, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 31

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????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
Eva woke up feeling someone snuggling beside her,at first she though it was Tyler,
Then it dawned to her,she’s with Davis,
She stood up from the bed while Davis was still fast asleep,
She’d fallen asleep waiting him to let go of her,how silly.
She quietly stood up from the bed,arranged the room and take out the empty bottles of tequila on the floor.
The went to the bar and got some lemonade juice,believing it all help Davis with his hangover, she kept it on the table and left the room,quietly closing the door not to wake Davis up.

When she got to the hospital,it was past four pm,so she dashed inside to relieve Rachel from watching Tyler,
“Gosh,I’d stayed out so late.” She blamed herself as she passed through the hallway,
Entering the room,she was surprised to see that Rachel wasn’t with Tyler anymore,rather Adrian was now watching over the sleeping boy,
“Hey.” She walked to the boy and kissed his forehead,
“Rachel left already?” She asked, Adrian nodded,
“I’d to relieve her.” He didn’t wanna ask her where she’d gone to,he expects her to come up clean to him.
“Thanks.” She dropped her bag and got out some of Tyler’s clothes,
The boy doesn’t like the hospital gowns and its looks so crampy on him.
“Well you shouldn’t have bothered to bring it,the doctor said Tyler can now go back home.” Adrian said in a flat tone,
Actually,Dr Matt hadn’t really discharge the boy but Adrian wanted them to leave sooner,so he’d forced the doctor to grant release on the boy.
“Really!” She yelped,he nodded and she came over and hugged him.
He was so indifferent to her touch,he didn’t reciprocate.
This got her worried,
“What’s wrong Adrian?” She asked seeing his cold attitude towards her,
“Nothing,I’m just tired ,I’ll just get snack for you outside.” He stood up,before she could say another word,he left the room.
“Why is he so indifferent today?” She asked herself as he left,not thinking much of it,she waved it aside and packed back Tyler’s stuffs into her bag,ready to go home.

When they got home, Eva put the boy to sleep,then came out to meet Adrian in the living room.
He’s kinda being odd today,I think something’s wrong somewhere?
Seeing her coming,he lay on the couch and pretended he was asleep already but she saw him,
“Adrian, what’s wrong with you? You’ve been behaving odd since we came back from the hospital.” She asked him but he didn’t reply,rather he sat up,
“Eva,I want you guys to go back to New York with Davis.” She frowned,
“Eva this place isn’t safe for you and Tyler.” He explained trying to hide his inner guilt,
“No,I’m not leaving,”
“Eva you’ve to,you’ve to take take Tyler and get away from here as soon as possible.

She was finding Adrian’s word hard to believe.
No,I’m not doing this,I’m not gonna run away from my troubles like I did before,
Now,I’m gonna stand back and fight for my son and I .
” Adrian,”She pulled close to him,
“Please tell me what’s wrong?” She slipped her arms in his but he removed it,
“You just have to leave,I’ll ask Davis to take you and the boy back to New York.” Standing up from the couch,he walk out on her,
Something’s really wrong.

True to his words,
Adrian talked to Davis about it and the man agreed,
Who wasn’t going to agree?
At first, he couldn’t believe it but in the next few days when Adrian bundled Eva and Tyler to the motel,he understood it all,
The weirdo is finally doing him a favor.
Eva had refused to leave,in fact she was so adamant on not wanting to leave but when Adrian pulled her aside to have a few words with her,she really accepted the fact that they were leaving.
Though Davis had eavesdropped to hear what their conversation was but he came out with nothing,
It was like they were both speaking unknown languages.
Soon it was time to leave,Eva kept trying to draw closer to Adrian while he was ever pushing her away.

Seeing her son lying on the sick bed made her heart ache,
“Doctor, what’s wrong with Tyler?” She asked the doctor worriedly,
“Miss don’t worry,the boy will be fine.” The doctor assured,
“But why hasn’t he gotten his voice back?” She asked him again,
“You see,the boy hasn’t really recovered from the shock of whatever had happened to him…” She turned to her son,
She too hadn’t recovered from three months ago,
Having left Adrian is the worst thing she has ever been through on her whole life.
Its been three months since they came back to New York but that has been the worst three months of her life.
She’d tried to contact Adrian but it was all in vain,
It was just like she’d shut her out his life.
While Davis in turn was trying to bring her back to his life.
He has really tried so far,
He refused to return to London for her sake
He got them an apartment far from home,he wouldn’t want his parents to know about her return,
Even though they aren’t really bothered now cause Joseph’s in jail for attempted murder,
So they’re busy trying to get him out of the shit he’s into.
Help her get a job at a jewelry company owned by one of his friends.
Eva at first rejected all his offers,knowing there were nothing more than advances
But he came clean to her,
“I know you hate my guys but please don’t stop me from helping you and my nephew.”
I mean my son,but he didn’t say that loud,
* * * *
Davis had come over to Eva’s one morning to check up on,so when he came they were having breakfast, he decided to join them.
“So..Tyler how’re you doing?” He asked the boy,thinking of a perfect way to start up a conversation with Eva who has been avoid lately,
“Oh yes,I brought this for you Eve,”H brought out a wrapped bag to her,
” I recall you used to love this.” He said smiling,
Eva opened the bag and brought out a takeaway disposable plate,
“Cajun Shrimps Scampi.” She said lightly but still smiling,
Davis nodded,
Immediately she opened it and the aroma evade her nostrils, she closed it quickly,
“You don’t like it.” Davis was surprised on how she shut the lid quickly,
She even felt like throwing up but held herself.
“Are you alright?” Davis stood up and came beside her,seeing her in discomfort,
Her hand was closing her mouth,he took a glass of water and handed it her,she took it from him and gulped down the content of the glass.
Seeing her sons worried face,she composed herself,
“Don’t worry,I’m fine.” She lied to make Tyler less worried even though deep her, she’s really wanna throw up.
What’s wrong with me?
“If you don’t like it I’ll…..” Davis stretched his hands to take back the plate but she stopped him,
“Don’t worry,I’ll eat it later.” She wouldn’t want to reject the food he’d brought for her.
I’ll have to go and do some checkup on my self,she said recalling how this same thing has been happening to her sine the past few day.
Is she pregnant?

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