July 25, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 32

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????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
when Eva left for work that day,she went straight to the hospital to run a check on herself,
“Is the doctor in?” She asked a nurse as she came in,
“Yes,he’s in his office.Do you have an appointment with him?” The nurse asked,
She’d wanted yo call the doctor and place an appointment with him but she doesn’t want Davis to know what she was going to do,
“Just call him and tell him Eva Kennedy’s here to see him.” She said,
She’d known the doctor for long,like since she was twelve,
He’s her father’s friend.
“Okay.” The nurse took the phone and dialled the doctor’s office.
“Hello Sir,Miss Eva Kennedy’s here to see you.” The nurse informed the man,
“Okay,let her in.” He hung up,
“Miss,you can go in.” The nurse informed her and she walked towards his office.

Unknown to Eva,Davis had noticed her odd behavior before she left,guessing she would want to go to the hospital to check up o herself,
If she’ll do that,
There’s only one hospital she would go to to have that done.
Doctor Martin.
Since he was to watch over Tyler,he lay the boy on his bed and went out to call the doctor.

“Doctor Martin,Davis Kingston calling.” He said after the man accepted his call,
“How may I help you sir?” The doctor asked,
There’s no one in the whole of New York that doesn’t know the Kingstons.

“Eva Kennedy would be likely to come to your hospital today for a check up,if it’s positive alter it and send the original to me.” He said,
Doctor Martin was surprised,
Why would Davis want him to do something like this?
“But me no but,just do what I’ve asked you to do.” He ordered the man,
“You won’t want to wrong me doctor Martin, cause I believe you won’t want to see my bad side.” He threaten,
This was the first time,he’s using his family name to threaten anybody.
“Okay Sir.” The man hung up,

Davis was so perplex,
How can Eva be pregnant for Adrian?
No,this is just his illusions,
But mere looking at things, Eva looks like she’s pregnant, she’s always tired and nauseated.
He hadn’t been intimate with her and he’s sure there’s no other guys.
This mean,she was pregnant before they came back to New York,back while at Flint Hills,she’d only been with Adrian.
Does it mean Adrian is the one responsible for her pregnancy?
What of she isn’t pregnant? Maybe she’s just tired and…..
There’s only one way to find out.

” Good morning Doctor Martin,”She sat down opposite the man,who took out his spectacle, clean it with a white cloth and put it back on.

“Wow Eva,you’re here,how’ve you been?” The man asked,
What Davis had told him to do is still troubling him,

“Well I’m fine.Doctor, I came for something else,” she adjusted her seat,
The man leaned forward,
“I want to run a pregnancy test on myself.” She said,the doctor nodded,
“Okay,are you doing it now?” He asked,he wasn’t surprised though,
“Yeah and I want the result now too.” He nodded,
“Follow me.” She stood up and followed him to the lab.
When they finish the test,Eva waited behind for the result, which was brought yo her about thirty minutes later,
She hurriedly opened the envelope and brought out the result,
It was negative.
She sighed,
Why am I sad about not being pregnant?
If I was,it would have been for Adrian.
He hasn’t contacted me and I can’t get through to him.
Its even better,I’m not pregnant.
She took the result and left the hospital.
Eva couldn’t concentrate at work today,her boss noticed it and since she was a good employee and she is Davis’s woman,
He gave her the day off and asked her to go home and rest,she should come back when she’s feeling good.
Eva had been so grateful to him,she took her bag and went back home to her son.
“Are you alright?” Davis asked seeing her home so early,
She nodded and went inside her room,laying on the bed,she couldn’t help but let out some few tears.
His name kept sounding in her head,she wanted to forget about him,
To forget every moment she’d spent with him,
Everything that ever happened between then but she couldn’t.
He was like her past she couldn’t forget.
He’d asked to to leave Flint Hill and had forgotten about her but she can’t get to forget him.
The first time she’d met him,bringing him into her house and feeding him.
The time he’d saved her and her son from that vampire.
The time they’d spent at the hospital.
Him telling her his true identity and them making love afterwards,
She couldn’t forget it,they were fresh in her memory like it was just yesterday.
Frustrated and angry,she let out a loud cry,
“Haaaaaa!” She coiled up in a ball,
The door burst open and Davis ran inside,
“What’s wrong Eva?” He asked her,seeing her in tears,
“Eva talk to me,what’s wrong?” He lay beside her while she cried,
“I miss him.” She mumbled in between sobs,
“You what?” He didn’t hear her clearly,
“I miss Adrian.” She mumbled again.
The words hurt him,like a sharp sword piercing his heart.
Here he’s, trying to get her back,doing everything humanly possible to get back his love and she’s busy crying over another man.
What so special about him anyways that Eva can’t forget bout him and move on with me.
He’d tossed her away three months ago but she can’t get to forget him.
Davis was so angry, he wanted nothing than to erase Eva’s memories of Adrian.
Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t know when she slept off,
Seeing her sleeping,he pulled the blanket over her and left the room
No,he isn’t gonna lose Eva like that,hell have to do something fast,
But first,he’ll have to get rid of her pregnancy before it gets too late cause it’s a little too late.
Bring out the real result, he looked at it again,
She’s already thirteen weeks gone,
He went to his room and got out his laptop,
Opening it,he went to his Google search,
“How can one abort a thirteen weeks old pregnancy without the victims knowledge.” He clicked search and a whole lot of options came out on the screen.


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