July 28, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 46

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 46


I dressed as beautiful as I can and drove the car he had bought for the ‘beautiful me’ to his place.

My dress was the expensive one and my hair ,shoes and everything around me were so exorbitant and it’s obvious.

I stepped inside the house with a more adorable and elegant style and it was his brother I saw sitting on the chair.

I pretended not to know him and starred around the house like I will be stepping by foot there for the very first time.

I ignored his brother and placed a call across to the boss and he came into sight few seconds later.

“I’m sorry for keeping you stranded ” He said as he walked towards me with his injured leg.

“Brother ,meet my girlfriend , erm…, dear ,meet my twin brother” He said.

“Nice meeting you erm” His brother said.

“Excuse me ,my name is not erm…my name is erm….” Even me ,I’m beginning to think of what name of call the ‘pretty me’.

His brother and the boss exchanged glances.

“Anyways ,nice meeting you” I finally said to his brother with a fake smile exposing my thirty two.

He nodded and went to sit.

“Have your sit baby.” The boss said and I sat.

His brother left us after he discovered that we couldn’t start a conversation because he’s around.

“That’s true ,I haven’t ask of your name?”

“Erm is my name”


“Emma , don’t you get?”

“Oh! Like Emmanuella ,sorry about that. Emma ,thanks so much for coming. I had fired that ugly thing of a girl”

“Good! I believed you had also fired her as your secretary?”

“Yes,I have and you can come to start work.”

“Good! Now you are behaving like a man. But I’m surprised you referred to me as your girlfriend ?”

“I’m sorry about that but that’s my every day wish. Have you acquired the drug that I gave you the money to buy?”

“Oh! You mean for your big head?”


I dipped my hand inside my purse and brought out a pill and gave it to him.

“Just use it and you will be fine.”

“Wao! Thanks.” He said starring into it

“I need you to do something for me ?”

“Tell me ?”

“Good! Concerning rumors that I had being hearing concerning that ugly secretary of yours , can you tell me if you really Love her or not?” I asked and he grinned.

“Love who? Is that a question? Firstly , she’s poor. Secondly ,she’s ugly and clumsy. Common! She’s not my type and can never be my type. ” He said.

“It’s me that you love right!”


“Good , I want you to block her contact from your phone ,delete her email and everything that concerns her from your life!” I said.


“Why? What sort of question is that? If you did not like her ,why must you have any of her details with you?” I asked with my voice getting raised.

“Calm down please, it’s true I loathe her but I do not have to delete all her details on my phone”

“So you can invite her to come over again?”

“Huh! Okay ,fine …I will do that later.”

“No ,do that now” I insisted.

“My days! I think you should stay going?” He said to my surprise.

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