July 27, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 26

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????????The Boss and His Employee????????

????Episode 26????

Larry’s POV????

Life without Charlene was hell for me, she was my first love and loved her wholeheartedly. I didn’t mean to cheat on her like I promised but Lucifer’s daughter lured me into her trap ruined my life.

I wanted to kill her but Hayley came to her rescue because when it comes to Charlene , even if it means killing for her then I will do it. I only wanted revenge though it was not going to bring back my Char.

My heart is broken , the other part of me disappeared with Char and now I’m a walking zombie. We tried our best to search for her with the help of the police but we could not find any trace of her.

I have became Carlton’s enemy because of her sister, I know I’m the one to be blamed here for my stupid acts. He even moved out of the house I bought for them and went back to his old home .

I’ve been sick eversince I lost Charlene, drinking, singing and crying became my daily routine. Hayley tried to convince me to visit a therapist but it didn’t work , she always say that it wasn’t my fault when I know very well that it was my fault just to make me forget but I can’t.

Nobody understands the pain I’m going through right now , they don’t know the effect Char have to me .I started to singing along the song I used to sing with Charlene (Someone you loved by Louis Calpadi)

I need somebody to hear????
Somebody to know ????
Somebody to have????
Somebody to hold????
It’s easy to say ????
But it’s never the same????
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain????

???? Now the day bleeds into nightfall????
????And you’re not here to get me through it all????
????i let my guard down and then you pulled the rug????
????I was getting kinda used to be someone you loved????????

” I’m sorry Charlene for what I’m about to do right now but I don’t deserve to live in this world. I shouldn’t have hurt you and now I can’t live without you , please be safe wherever you are . I promised to die for you now I’m ready to do it,” I said this before stabbing my stomach with a sharp knife and pushed inside of me. The pain was too much but it was worth it, blood gushed out of the wound and I closed my eyes as I felt my heartbeat getting weaker.

The Boss And His Employee. Episode 27
The Boss And His Employee. Episode 25

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