June 13, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 27

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????????The Boss and His Employee????????

????Episode 27????

Hayley’s POV

For the past few days I’ve been taking Larry to the therapist and it seems as if he’s becoming better . He no longer drunk himself to stupor like he used to do.

I feel pity for him and I’m trying my best to make sure that he doesn’t feel lonely . Whenever he is alone, he end up doing something stupid. I’m glad he agreed to start going back to work starting from tomorrow just to keep himself busy .

I wonder where Charlene could be , I’m pretending to be strong just for my brother but I’m breaking inside. I’ve been crying myself to sleep from the day Char got missing , it has became my daily routine but I always hid the pain .

I’ve found a best friend, a sister and a mentor in Charlene. Larry was my brother and the only friend I had but Char made me realize that having someone by your side is something which is good in life .

She showed me the importance of socializing with others because I was the anti social type . The bond between the two of us grew stronger than I expected in a short period of time.

Today is the first day I’m going out because of Larry. He seemed to be better today so I left him alone but I’ll be back soon. I went to the mall then do a little shopping but my instincts are telling me that something is wrong.

I’m trying to ignore the feeling but I think something bad is going to happen. My mind drifted to Larry and my heart skipped a bit , could it be that Larry’s life is in danger? Oh my God! What if Ella visit Larry and try to do something stupid or what if she tries to kill him?

I dropped my groceries then ran out of the shop to my car , I quickly drove home and I was shaking. Something is wrong and I think it’s about Larry but I pray that he is fine.

I left my car outside the gate then ran inside the house.

“Larry,” I called but I got no response.

“Larry ,!” I called again but there was no response so I ran up the stairs and heard a groaning sound from his room .

I opened his door and what I saw broke my heart , Larry was in a pool of his own blood

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