August 6, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 27

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 27


I sat by the edge of the bed and watched as he laid on the bed resting or sleeping ; I can’t say.

I wanted to sleep on the bed too ; beside him but I do not know what he would say.

He might get angry as usual ,I guess I will just have to pass the night by sitting here.

After sitting down for more than two hours , my back was aching and I was feeling so sleepy.

I really need somewhere to rest. I was almost tempted to sleep beside him but I do not want problem with him at the moment.

I then laid gently on the floor and let sleep take it’s due course.

I noticed I was being carried from the bed about few minutes later and I didn’t open my eye until I found out that I Was laying on a soft thing; A bed obviously.

I opened my eye slightly to see the miracle that is happening to me. To my surprise; he was the one that carried me to the bed.

What’s happening? Like what came upon him that made him place me on his ‘exorbitant’ bed as he calls it.

He came to lay beside me and backed me. I smirked and slept off.

I woke up the following morning before he could and went to clean myself. I was coming up from the bathroom when I heard him say; ‘Thank me for letting you sleep on my bed yesterday?”

“Thanks!” I said. “I’m not like you ”

“Poor people should say ‘thank you’ when we rich help them ” He said and I walked to a seat by the room without saying a word.

Hours passed by without us having to exchange words until he received a call on his phone.

He picked it and intentionally placed the call on loudspeaker ,I wonder what that was for.

“Mr. Jason ,Are you on?” I recognize the voice of the man immediately. It was the man that made the deal with him.

“I’m listening Sir ” He answered.

“Good. The last time we spoke , you said you lodging at BARS hotel and suite right?”

“Very well sir.” He replied.

“Good, I’m around that place with my wife as we speak. We need to have some conversation with your girlfriend alone. I need her to speak via life chat to three of my top managers . You see; I discussed the deal with them so they can advise me accordingly and they requested to speak with the lady that actually convinces me.”

“Erm….” He struggled for what to say and came to look at me.

I pretended like I didn’t know he was starring at me.

He coughed and said; “That shouldn’t be a problem sir”

“Good ,I’m texting a detailed description of where my wife and I is to you right away , let her join us before thirty minutes.”

“She will keep to date sir.” Jason said and hung up.

Now ,let me watch how he will speak to me to help ,since he has never seen value in what I do ,I should let him see it now.

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