August 4, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 34

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???? Addicted to Him????

Written by Feathers

Episode 34

(I loath you)

Kimberly’s POV

I only pretended to fall so I can confirm for muse of if he truly care for me

He hastily ran towards me and doing everything possible to help me up while I laugh inside

So sweet of him, he is caring. Let me save him the stress.

I coughed and stood and he was stunned.

Miguel’s POV

I was surprise when ruby asked for such ridiculous thing.

I have no idea of what she was thinking well, that serves her right I can’t imagine, I have never for once kissed in my entire life .

“hey let us go to your place together ,I’m sleeping in your house today.

” have u gone crazy do u have any idea of what you are talking today?” Miguel asked feeling o

“well, if u should not want me to follow you home that simply implies I will slump again and if I slump, when I woke up I will tell everyone around me that u make me fall” I threatened

He look at me and walked away.

After few minutes, as finally arise at his house

“hey young lady I suggest your house ” He said firmly

“no I’m following you to this house” I replied obstinately

” why if i may ask?” He replied setting his gaze on me and standing akimbo

” i will only go if u you tell me one single reason why you refused The request of Ruby and threatened to do the same for me are u perhaps beginning to have some likes for of?” I asked

” say it” I added

” hey young lady u wanna know the truth?”He asked

” tell me the truth?” i requested

“well the truth is that i hate u excuse me”

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