June 18, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 35

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 35

(Just go)

Miguel’s POV

I walked inside the house , I sunk to the bed and exhaled.

What exactly is her problem? Always annoying me, I really can’t say if I hate her because of a part of me that likes to see her.

I went to my bed and slept off, after few minutes I woke and my mind darted at the words I spoke to the girl.

I began to feel guilty. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that , maybe I should have kept quiet as usual,she’s such a jerk too , very disturbing.

I exhaled.

desperately and start to walk to and fro my room, what can I do to get rid of this terrible feeling now?

I walked out of my room to the sitting room , I was Cody dancing to a music

“Cody , please lower the volume of the music”I commanded

” what’s the reason for the long look?” He asked

“I’m not really feeling too good at the moment” I

“Sorry brother , what could have the cause…or…just tell me ” He requested

” I told Sawyer that I did not like her ” I said

” Really? Hate is a strong word ” He said

“Yes I know ” I replied “maybe I shouldn’t have said that”

“Did she fight you in return?” He asked

“No,I’m just having a feeling of guilt , I do not know why” I said

“Should I apologize on your behalf?” He asked

“Yes please ” I replied

“I do not think I can. She would not believe me , she will think I just did it , she wouldn’t want to you could apologize ” He said

“Oh! What am I suppose to do now?” He asked

“Go to her place yourself ” He replied

“The last time I went there , remember you locked me up there ” I said

“I won’t this time , I promise , just go and apologize to her ” Cody said

I stood up nervously and walked out to Sawyer’s house

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