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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 6

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✨Alyssa and the billionaire ✨
.Jojo gray
[Bamteddy writes]????
Episode 6
. ~steve~

“I wish my girlfriend dosent have to do this for me ,it’s too much to ask ? ” I tell stella .

” Do you think Sandra is that stupid ” serah said .

“What do you mean ” I raised my brow at her .

“Stop asking me what i mean or meant ,of course you know what i mean ,you think Sandra is doing this to help you ,of course not ” serah grinned .

“Huh ?” I became more confused on what she was talking about .

“Why do you find it so difficult to understand little things ,I know Sandra more than you do ,Sandra is not helping you but doing this for her own selfish interest ” serah said .

” For her own selfish interest? ,nah Sandra is not like that ,but what makes you think that ?” I faced her .

“Ugh ,what is so difficult to understand that ,trey is a billionaire ,and you are just a millionaire ,she would dump you anytime to be with Trey Benson ” serah smirked .

” No no no ,Sandra wouldn’t do that ,she wouldn’t dare ,no no ,she wouldn’t ,I trust her ,trey ain’t her Type ,she said that her self ” I stated clearly .

“She said that ,but do you know exactly what she’s thinking ,I know Sandra alot than you do ,she will dump anything or anyone for the cash ,you barely knew her for just three years ” serah rolled her eyes .

“No !,that can’t happen ,trey is my enemy which mean is also her enemy ,she loves me and don’t say that unless you don’t want me telling her ! ” I hit my fist on the table in my office .

“Okay ,you can tell her if you want but just have it in mind ,that Sandra loves nothing more than money in this world ” serah poked me on the chest and I slap her hand away from my chest .
She shouldn’t touch me on the chest .
She’s pissing me off.

“Act all mean all you want ,I’m just stating the facts ” she chuckled and I rolled my eyes .
She’s more annoying than Mrs Turner .

“So did you meet mrs tuner this week” she asked and I sighed .

“Yeah and I hate that woman ” I uttered bitterly .

“Awwwwnnn and she’s actually nice to me ” serah said .

“Nice in an evil way ” i huffed .

“And I’m stucked with her till I don’t know ,only God knows what my dad wanted by marrying that woman after my mom ,ugh ” I huffed .

“She should be sexy than your mom then ” serah giggled and I gave her a plain look “which shows how dry her joke was ” .

” I wasn’t trying to be funny ” she shrugged and turned, leaving already.

“Leaving ?” I yelled from behind .

“Yep ,I have a dinner date this evening ,so I will be waiting for you downstairs so you could drop me at my house , I’m too tired to drive ” serah said .

“Wait ,what ,drop you at ….”
I was going to complete to realise she already gone .
What has gotten into this girl ,she now acts like I’m her driver or something .

~alyssa ~

Ugh … I feel restless ..I said to my self as I tried sleeping on my bed in my bed room .

Hmm …maybe I could watch a movie .

I stood up from my bed and walked downstairs ,grabed a drink from the fridge and sat on the couch to watch the movie ” coming to America ” .

Ive seen it severally though but that’s about 10_13 years ago .
I was a teen then so I don’t so much remember all that happened in the movie.

I watched that for three hours before it was already getting dark and decided to go up and sleep .

And when I was about laying on my bed .
The thought that popped on my head was what Happened at work today .

Ugh I don’t want to remember ,i had to beg that thing ,that young thing .
He’s so young and stupid .
I hate him .
I so much hate him but what can I do .
The poor people have to always tolerate the rich people .
That’s life for me .

“Ugh” I groaned and layed on my bed and slept off in few minutes .

***Next day ….
[9:30 am ]

~trey ~
” Send her in ” I said to the receptionist on the phone and dropped the phone .
Today I’ve thought of communicating with my mom ,I don’t know why I changed my mind because I already promised not to have anything to do with her .
after all she said to other family members about me not able to head a company .
I’m too spoilt to do that ,too childish to do this .
But Sandra wants me too and I can’t say no to who I love the most in the world .

Immediately I was going to stand up to get a water from the dispenser ,the door went opened and it was that secretary .
princess Aurora .

To be honest ,I don’t hate her but I just want to frustrated her life for some while to see if she can cope .
That’s how to see if a worker can withstand any challenge and she’s doing pretty well ,she doesn’t get mad easily but I will try harder to make her mad .
I just want to see her mad and angry till she thinks of resigning .
I’m wicked I know .

She coughed .

“Shut up ,only me is allowed to cough when I want to say something ” I said and I saw her almost roll her eyes .

“Did you just roll your eyes at me ” I asked her in an authorative voice .

” Nope and if I was going to do that ,I wouldn’t cause I don’t want to lose my job ” she stated plainly .

…So what brings you here ” I asked her .

” After the meeting yesterday ,you asked me to make some researches which I did ” she said .

~alyssa ~

” So …..” He shrugged .

“This is it ,I printed it out yesterday ” I stretched it to him and he reluctantly collected it from me and went through it for some minutes .

“Why do you do the opposite of what you are asked to do ” he looked up at me .

“I didn’t do the …..

“Just kidding ,but I like the look on your face ,that’s the way I always love to see you look ” he smirked and when he looked back at the paper I rolled my eyes .

He’s so annoying ????.looks like he’s trying to make me mad and I won’t get mad !

The door went opened and two women walked in and he dropped the printed paper on his table and gave me a signal to leave .

When I passed beside the two women ,one of them looked familiar .
Really familiar .like I’ve met her before but I couldn’t just remember where or when .

When I opened the door to step out of his office ,I heard my name called and when I turned, it was the woman that looked familiar .

I knew I have met her before .

” You are the lady who was introduced by her mom , saying she needs a job right ” she said and I noded .

Now I remember ,we met two years ago ,she’s a family friend to my dad .

“How are you and what are you doing here “she asked me .

“This is where I work ” I smiled .

“You don’t mean it ,what happened to your last job ” she asked and I begin to scratch my head that wasn’t itchy .

” I kinda lost that one ” I said .

“Oh I understand dear ,I even heard about the way they treat their workers ,not in a good manner, good thing you left anyway ” she said
Did I leave or got fired ?
” Yes,good thing …I left ” I smiled .

” So ,how did you come about this place ” she asked me and trey coughed and we both looked at him .

“You can go to your office now and quit talking to my mom ” he said .

His mom ?,Mrs Smith is he’s mom !.she looks young to be his mom.
But who is the other woman beside her .

“You may leave now ” he scoffed and I noded .

” See you at the companies cafe after work Alyssa, we need to talk about some other stuffs ” Mrs Smith yelled from behind ,before I left his office .

omyGod I can’t believe ,Mrs Smith is this brat mom ,she’s too nice to give birth to a Grinch like him .

I wonder how he disrespect her so much and she does nothing about that .
I trust my mom ,if she had a son like him .

***During the day **
[At the cafe,after work ]

” So what do you do at the company ” she asked me as she sipped her coffee .

” Should I call it a personal assistant because it’s been hell for the past few days ” I expound to her .

” Oh ,you mean trey ,I understand he’s an headache but all you have to do is tolerate him ,his almost 24 but he acts like his 12 ” his mom said and we both giggled .

“How did you cope while he was growing up ,I’m sure he would have been worse as a teenager ” I said .

“Do you know the funniest thing ,he was a good kid while growing up ,until recently he started acting that way ” she said and took a sip out of her coffee .

“Oh ” I stated .

“Won’t you take yours ” she pointed to the coffee at my front .

“No ,I’m waiting for it to get warm it always hurt my tongue when I sip it hot ” I said .

” ohkay …So how is your mom ,your dad ,your family ,your little sister ,it’s been two years now right ?” She said .

” They are all doing good and that two years you say has been alot stressful for me ” I said .

” I understand ,every young adult says that ” she said and I smiled .

“I have to go now Mrs Smith ” I said .

“No i prefer you call me Laura ” she said .

“Okay ma’am ” I smiled and she smiled .

“Can I drop you off at your house ” she said and I noded in agreement .
Mrs Smith just too nice .
I mean ma’am Laura .

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