July 31, 2021

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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 7

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✨ Alyssa and the billionaire ✨
.Jojo gray .
[Bamteddy series]????
.unedited ????
. episode 7
. ~Alyssa~

She gave me a ride home telling me alot about trey ,him having some health issue right from childhood and I wouldn’t lie ,it was a bit bothering and sad to hear that coming from her .
And she even told me about his birthday coming up,I don’t know why she wants me to get the workers together to surprise him? But I can do that .
even if I don’t know any of them [workers] that well and speaking of trey …
his alot aggressive .
Aggressive people don’t like celebration ,they don’t fancy anything that gets to do with celebration and him being a workhalic is an addition.
His seems pretty hardworking and all but I don’t believe his mom saying he loves parties ????.

Arhh this will be so turf .he dosent look like someone who will like anything .

I sighed and walked to my bathroom to freshen up for the night and when I was done doing that ,I dashed to the kitchen

I need to make a special dinner .
It’s been long I had a nice dinner .

After having “Mac and cheese ” even though it wasn’t a good dinner meal like I planned to have one .

I went to the sitting room ,sat on the couch and turned on my tv to watch ,fast and furious .

~trey ~

Ugh it’s kinda boring without Sandra being here .
By this time we watch a romantic movie like” his meeting “but since she’s not here but with Stephanie for a sleep over ,I guess I will have no choice but to continue the episodes alone .
I walked out of the shower and changed into a hood and a short and dashed downstairs to the sitting room ,sat on one of the couch and put on the TV ,and the movie “his meeting” pooped on the screen but it wasn’t looking all exciting to me unlike when Sandra is here or anybody .
Ugh that’s why I hate living alone ,the house looks so big and empty .
I once thought of bringing my mom here when we use to be friends .well that dumb idea was five to six years ago .

I wouldn’t ,even if i get to forgive her .
She ruined most of the plans i had while growing up ????.

I thought about all that then realised the meeting was actually going on ,even if it’s not looking that exciting .
I just have to watch .I don’t want to miss important parts .
When it was getting tiring ,I had to put it to another movie that I have never watched .
And since it’s not seasonal ,it won’t take alot of my time .

I begin to watch to find out ,it was actually a romantic comedy drama that just kept me laughing .

Hmm… the story line of the movie is really great but it’s similar to my relationship with Alyssa .
Why I’m I even mean to her . faustrating her for no reason .
I’m sure in the scale of one to hundred ,her hatred for me will be like 80 which I like it that way .
Normally I kinda have a big phobia for people some times ,I started disliking people since I was 21.
They just irritate me ,except Sandra and as for my mom ,not really .
Maybe that’s just me for now .

But honestly Alyssa is kinda pretty just like Sandra but she seems……kinda …honest and trustworthy than Sandra is to me ,even if she’s just a worker that i barely know ,she seems like an honest worker and she seems business wise even if she asint said much .

Ugh,I should quit thinking of something like that ,how can I compare her to Sandra,
Sandra is the most loving person I have ever met in my entirely life , she’s fun ,energetic and That’s why I love her .
And she dosent have to be honest or anything …..
We don’t work together .

Arhh I should stop thinking that and just watch the movie ,then have dinner and go to the fucking bed to sleep .

~sandra ~

My phone kept ringing and ringing and I had pull over at a point to stop the car .

” Hey serah ,what’s up ” I said to serah on the phone .

” Don’t even what’s up me,what’s wrong with you Sandra ,why do you want to eat your cake and have it at the same time ,huh ?” She halfed yelled on the other line .

” Eat my cake and have it ,what are you talking about ” I raised one of my brow in little confusion .

“Of course you know what I mean ,I’m referring to trey and Steve ,you know I know you are playing both of them “she said .

” And so ” I gave it to her .

” and so? ,ugh you are such a devil ,imagine ,you even admitted it ,what kind of ….

“Hey ,i have had enough insult from you ,look honey ,if you don’t like the way I’m doing my things why don’t you just tell Steve about it and trey ,to see if they are both going to believe your ass ” I rolled my eyes .

” Ugh ,I just wish Steve was all wise like he acts ,it’s so unfortunate that he really loves you and puts all his trust in a person like you cassandra” she said in a low key .

” Yeah whatever that’s his problem ,I never asked to be trusted in the first place,isn’t it good to be wise ,trey and Steve are two fools who are step Brothers in a way they don’t know ,Steve hates him and wants a revenge and that’s what I’m helping him to do ,revenge by making them as poor as a church rat ” I doubled rolled my eyes .

” Sandra ,I’m highly dissappionted in you ,I just wish your mom could even talk to you to stop all this you are doing ,Steve loves me ,I mean that guy he really loves you after he helped you with college and this is what you pay him in return ” serah grinned .

” Please stop acting like my mom and get lost ” I said and hanged up .

I don’t have to exchange words with a looser like her .
She doesn’t even have a stable man in her life ,all she does is go for dates and non ends up well and she comes here preaching for a young 25 year old lady that got two grown men madly in love with her but just take a look at serah she’s older and hasnt achieved anything ,not even half of what I’ve achieved ” I hissed and start the car and got back on the road .


Fast and furious ain’t that awesome like the way people talk about it .
I will just watch something else .

Hmm but what exactly can I watch ….I begin to check for a disc under the cable and found one ,it was a romantic movie I got from Carly three years ago .

No ! Not romatic movies ,I’m not ready to be angry and depressed just because I don’t have a man in my life .
And besides it’s not my fault .
It’s the fault of the ones that were never ready to settle but to cheat .that’s why I will have no choice but to ignore my mom as much as I can .
I even had to block her number cause I’m tired of her nosense .
And i just wish I don’t lose the job .so it wouldn’t add to my problem .
And since I’m familar with Mr grumpies mom , if he tries firing me ,I just tell his mom about it and I definitely know she won’t let him fire me .

She’s way nicer than that.
Only if her son could behave better to her .it would have been lovely.
From what she said Trey is the only biological son she has ,his brother was adopted .
I just wish he can behave well to his mom .

Or maybe his mom could have done something or said something she’s not telling me .
Maybe ,cause sometimes rich families is kinda complicated .
Especially when the father passes away .
Company ,everything so difficult ,
But getting to know trey for few days ,he seems someone that can handle it pretty well even if his young .
He still gives it all that a middle aged man would and that’s the good side about him .

Wow ,I should be a psycologist ,I read people easily , without even knowing them that much .

I don’t know how I got to notice so much about trey or is it because his good looking ?

Rich kids are always good looking ,most of them are .

Why I’m I even saying so much about him in my head and I should just fix the CD already .

I better do that instead and not talk about him in my head .

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