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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 8

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Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 7

✨Alyssa and the billionaire ✨

By jojo gray
[Bamteddy writes] ????
. episode 8
. ~alyssa~

[ saturday morning,one week later ]????️????️

I yawned and sluggishly walked downstairs .
I feel pretty tired ,I guess it’s high time I stop staying up all night watching tv.
I’m getting weak due to that .

I walked to my kitchen to make breakfast and after eating,i dashed upstairs to freshen up .
I wore a causal outfit and put on a flat shoe .

And finally today I will get to see Carly after some few weeks.
I miss my bestie alot .

I know it’s tough being pregnant ,I deeply understand her .
I don’t even know how It feels like carrying a baby in the Tommy .
???? That sounds scary.
I’m just kidding it doesn’t ,it sounds normal .

I picked up my jacket and bag and walked outside of my house and
Boarded a cab .
It’s high time I begin to save for a car like my junior sis is doing .
I know deep down I need it .

The cab stopped at the front of this expensive cafe I’m trying for the first time and when i dropped down ,i payed him.

I walked into the cafe and stood close to the entrance door as i begin to use my eyes to scroll around the cafe to realise Carly as not arrived yet .
I guess I just wait for her , something might had delayed her .

I took a seat and a waiter came to me seeking for my order but I told her to be patient ,that I’m waiting for someone .

As I begin to view around the cafe ,two people entered ,like a couple ,that drew my attention .
And to view the person’s face clearly ,I got to realise it was my boss .

“OmyGod “I gasped and i immediately dodged .

They took a seat far away from mine and the waiter came to them as they begin to talk .

OmyGod what’s trey and his girlfriend doing here ..
I wanted to stand up and leave then Carly came in .

Oh no ,she’s here and I’m about to leave ,what can I do .

“Hey” she said and I blinked .

“Hi ….hi ” I stuttered .

“Why are you… stuttering ,is something wrong and why does it look like you were about to leave ” she said .

“No no it’s fine ” I smiled forcefully and had my seat ,so did she .

“So hi ,whats up” she said and my eyes caught her tommy .

” What happened to your stomach ” I gasped .

“Or have you put to bed without informing me ” I added giving a shocked expression and she suddenly burst into laughter .

” OmyGod Alyssa ,you are so funny ,I’m still pregnant ” she said .

” But …your ..tommy ….

” Yeah ,yeah ,it’s my diet and the cloth anyway ” she said and I breathed out an “oh “.

“Well you are looking good but I need to dodge for now ,so you would have to shift your seat a little closer to mine ,to prevent the table few meters away from us ,sighting me ” I said as I covered my face with my hand and she laughed .

“OmyGod Alyssa when did you turn to this ,who is looking at you ” she laughed.

” Not people looking at me ,it’s my boss ,his here ” I gritted with my teeth lowly , pointing to the table he was seated on .

” You mean the 23 year old dude ” she wanted to turn her face and I snapped .

” Don’t turn ,he might notice us ” I said lowly .

” Common ,you don’t have to be like this ,not like he owns the cafe you know ,you also have the right to be here too ,so what’s the big deal ” Carly stated .

” Arhh Carly ,you don’t seems to understand me ,I mean he hates me and him seeing me here can get him upset ,just look at him and his girlfriend ,they look happy “I expound .

” Oh Alyssa cut that crap ,you are has geogous as his girl ,she not even that pretty ,she only wore too many make up ” Carly pouted .

Though trey loves her ,and she makes him happy even if he dislikes people .
Look at how he smiles ,he looks so good while smiling and he dosent realise it .
I just wish ,he could keep on smiling ,he’s an handsome kid .
Kid ? ,What I’m saying he almost 24 ,I shouldn’t call him that just because I’m older .

“Alyssa ” Carly called which brought me out of my thought .

“What are you thinking about ” she arched her brow .

” Nothing ” I said and the waiter walked up to us and seeked for our order and we told her what we wanted before she left And Carly and I talked for a pretty long time till she left pretty earlier cause she hates walking at night even if it’s 6pm ,she suddenly hates it since she’s pregnant .

I was getting bored and decided to leave as I stood up and left the cafe and I stood outside to wait for a cab to pass and then a car drove to my front and guess who it was .

“Mr Tony the heartbreaker ”
He rolled down the window of his car .

“Hey ” he smiled and I looked away .

“Hey Alyssa ,common ,are you still upset ” he said and that sentence he said out of his mouth ,added to my anger I have when I sight him .

“Why don’t you leave already and stop bothering me ” I yelled .

” Would you stop this and realise it already that I love you and I want you back and I’m sorry for what I did in the past ,I accept I was the biggest fool ” he said .

” Oh thank goodness you know you are the biggest fool ” I angry threw at him .

“Okay ,you can throw words at me I accept it but just give me a second chance and I promise to make things right this time ” he said .

” I don’t want you in my life ” I said .

” You and I know you do ” he smirked .

” I dont ! you jerk ,so get out and drive off ” I yelled and walked out of the front of his stupid car to go to the other side of the road to board a cab and good for me ,I could enter the first one that passed by and got home feeling exhausted that I just had to take a bath and order dinner and when I was done eating dinner I slept off .

**The day after tomorrow **
(At work )
I knocked on his door and no one responded , I just opened it and he was sitted , looking at a paper laying on his table and when he noticed my presence he looked up, at me .

” What ” he said with a blunt look .

“I’m …

” Just say it already ,I’m not going to eat you or chop you off and please don’t get afraid of me ” he reduced his mean expression .

*Pufft ,I’m not afraid of you ,just contious with whatever I’m about say before you throw a ball at my face and I pass out *.

” You won’t pass out and I won’t throw a ball at your face ” he said giving an expressionless look .
*Gasp* How Did he hear that from my mind .

“Have you seat ” he tells me

“Huh ” ….
*Why is he suddenly … acting different *

” Please do ” he said and I swallowed and slowly sat down at the chair facing his table .

” I need your advice on something ” he sighed .

” Huh …

” I know this looks weird and I don’t like the fact I’m doing this ,but I have too cause I need some advice now but nobody seems to be giving me an answer …..
What does it mean when a lady loves you so much and you also do as a guy and you both are compatible that you both see a future together . But she seems not to be interested in engaging with you . ” trey explained .

*Huh ,why is he asking me this ,how will i know ,I’ve never had someone that loves me to the extend of thinking of marrying or engaging me , *

” Uhmm….
For me ,i think maybe she doesn’t love you so much like you think or she thinks you are not good enough for her or wouldn’t be good for her as an hubby ” I guessed .

“Huh ……does Sandra think I’m not good enough for her “he muttered to himself .

*Sandra ,that could be his girlfriend *

“No no no no ,she loves you ,you both look cute together ,I think you guys would have the cutest kids together ” I rushed my words .

* I don’t want to cause any rift *

” Huh …”(trey )

” I mean ,Sandra seemes like a nice woman ,you should stick with her since she keep you happy “I smiled .

” Yeah ,she’s really nice but speaking about kids …….do you think our kids will be cute ” he raised his one brow with an interested expression .

” Very cute ,since you are really cute and Sandra is ” I smiled
And got to realise I just called him “cute ”

“OmyGod I’m sorry ,I don’t mean it that way….” I covered my mouth with my palm and he chuckled .

” Don’t worry ,it’s fine ,but i know Sandra would be the reason for our kids cuteness “he smiled .

*Awwwwnnn ,it shows how much he loves her *.

” So sir ,you should stick with her ,she’s seems like a wife material too ” I said .

“Yeah “he said with a smile .

” I have to leave now ,I came to drop this ” I dropped the papers on his table and I turned to leave

” Aurora …

He called and faced back
Ugh Aurora ????.

“Thanks ,what you just told me made my doubt feelings vanish ” he smiled and I noded .

To realise I was blushing , why I’m I blushing ??
I touched my face when I got out of his office.

” Was it because he was nice to me for the first time and he smiled at something I said for the first time” .

I touched my cheeks again .

Alyssa And The Billionaire. Episode 7

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