July 24, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 33

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
When Eva woke up, she’d a slight headache.
“Arggh!” She shrieked,
Turning by the side of the bed,she saw a jug of water and helped herself to some.
The door opened and Davis walked,he was holding a tray of food while Tyler followed from behind him.
The little boy ran to her and wrapped his arms around her,
“How are you Eve.” Davis asked,she nodded,
“Tyler,how are you feeling?” She asked him,the boy nodded
Davis kept the food on the table while she came down from the bed,
She’s really famished.
Opening the plate,it was Clam chowder.
She took the spoon and took a bit,
“Hmm hmm” Davis smiled,he’d prepared it specially for her,
“You like it?” He asked her,she nodded

Recalling what she’d told Davis earlier before she slept,she dropped the spoon.
It’s so unfair,
Davis has been trying since they came back to New York,
He got her a decent job,got them a nice apartment and had volunteered to taking care of Tyler while she’s away at work.
But yet,she couldn’t dig out the feelings she had for him
She doesn’t know but her soul has been calling to Adrian since,
She couldn’t help but see Davis as a great friend even when she knows deep down that he isn’t seeing her as one,
Not when its so obvious that Tyler is his son.
“Don’t you like it anymore?” Davis asked concerned as he noticed she wasn’t eating again,
“No,its not that..I really like it,its so good.” She made a wry smile,
“So what is it? Care to share.” He sat beside her and slightly pushed the hairs that was dangling on her forehead,
She looks so beautiful,
That’s why he couldn’t help but want her more.
His body yearns for her and calls to her very single minute of the day,
Maybe she has decided to turn to deaf ear or act ignorant of the fact that he wants her but heaven knows he does.
And that’s why he’s gonna try and get rid of everything that reminds her of Adrian.
Including the bastard in her womb.
No one can get in between them,he’ll get rid of anything that dares to be it Adrian or his seed.
“Talk to me Eve.” She pushed the tray aside and turned to her,
“Davis,I’m sorry for what happened earlier.” She whispered,
She wouldn’t want Tyler to hear them.
The kid too hasn’t gotten over Adrian,
He didn’t really know why they left Flint Hills but he’d made sure his mommy doesn’t know he prefers Adrian to anyone else.
Davis acted like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about,
“About what?” He asked her,
“About crying to you that I miss Adrian.” She said,he closed his eyes,
The mention of Adrian’s name pricks him,
“Oh,it’s no big deal,I understand you love him but he made you leave very much aware that you love him.” He said sarcastically, making an air on Adrian pushing her away.
It’s a big deal Eva,you should love me,me alone and not that nobody. He shouted inside himself.
“I don’t know why he did that but I know him well,he has a good reason.” She defended Adrian,
Davis frowned.
Why’s she still defending that sonofabitch?
“How sure are you?” He asked,not liking at her defending the guy that tossed her away like she meant nothing to him and hasn’t even called or taken her calls for almost three months now.
Who does that?
“Cause I know Adrian loves me and I trust him.” She said in confidence,
She leaned towards him,
“He has his reasons.”
And I had my reason sleeping with you over four years ago. He wanted to tell her but stopped himself.
“Don’t you think I had my reason of laying with you…” She looked at him,
“I don’t want to talk about that.” She said turning away from him but he pulled her back,
“Oouch.” She cried when his hand gripped her,
“Eva,I want us to talk about it.You can’t stop running away from it.” She looks like she would let out tears sooner,
“I’m not running away from it….”
“So what are you doing? Not wanting to bring it up.” His voice was a bit louder and chiller,
“It has no use to me anymore.”
“Well it does to me,”
Tyler was still in the room and she wouldn’t want him to see them argue,
“Tyler come let’s go outside.” She just wanted to avoid the topic but Davis wasn’t letting her,
“Tyler go wait for mommy in the living room,she’ll be out soon.” The boy stood up but didn’t know which other to follow,so he walked to his mommy,
“Ty go wait for mommy outside okay.” Davis repeated,
Eva,seeing that Davis won’t let her slip this time,she turned to the boy and nodded and the child left the room,giving them the privacy they need.
“Eva let’s talk about us please.”
“There’s no us Dave,I’m married to your brother.” She said,
This was the same answer she’d given him for years before he left for London.
He’d bought it then and had left but now,he’s not buying it,
“You were married to him but now you aren’t.” He seethed,
“What do you mean?” She knows what he mean,
She and Joseph aren’t together anymore.
“I mean you and Joseph aren’t together and you claim you’re married but you didn’t use that on Adrian.” He hit the right spot,she coiled at his words,
“I’m sorry…” He apologized immediately, seeing his words hurt her,
But he’s saying the truth,
Why fall in love with Adrian when she claims to be married to Joseph?
“No you don’t have to,” she stood up but Davis was quick not to let her go,
“Eva wait,”
“Eva can’t you give me one more chance,I promise I won’t mess things up.” He pleaded,
“Davis,I’m sorry but I can’t…”
He let go of her hand,
He was angry,
“Because of Adrian?” He yelled,Eva was shocked,
She’s never seen him this angry,
“Adrian this,Adrian that,I’m so sick of hearing his name.” He vented his anger,
“He pushed you away and yet you still defend him and tell me he has his reasons but I had my reason to doing what I did years ago but still you can’t forgive me….”
“Davis,I’ve forgiven you and I understood you did it for my good,”
“So why can’t you let me into your life?
“Why can’t you accept my love for you?” He asked her,she could say a word.
“Eva answer me,why can’t I be the one for you?
Why must it be Adrian?” He yelled again.
He moved towards her,coming so close,she could feel his heartbeats,
“Eva,I want you,I want you so bad I can’t explain.” With this words,he took her lips into his,
She was shocked by his actions and she pushed him away,
“Davis stop!” She didn’t know when she slapped him,
She retreated her hands immediately,
“Davis,I’m sorry…” She muttered,
Davis lips curved into a smile,
Instead of him backing away,he wanted more.
He surged forward,grabbed her hands and dragged her to the bed,
“Eva,you’re mine and no one else.” Eva was frightened when she saw an evil glint in his eyes.
“Davis,I’m sorry.” She said frightening by his anger,
But now,Davis isn’t reasoning again.
He’d tried to be reasonable but now,he isn’t.
He just want to get what he deserves.

To be continued.

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