June 19, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 34

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
Before Davis realised the danger of what he was doing,it was nearly too late,
Eva was laying unconscious on the bed,

“Eva!” He called her but she wasn’t moving,
He became scared,
Had he hurt her in in madness?
He touched her again but she wasn’t responding,

“Eva,please wake up,I’m sorry.” He held her head up and his hands touched something sticky,

Gosh,she’d hit her head on the headboard.
What has he done?
He carried her up,
Though she was heavier than before,
It’s because of the pregnancy.

Taking her outside,he took Tyler’s hand and strapped the boy to the seat while carefully he lay Eva at the back seat and he drove above his speed limit to the hospital.

When he got there,the nurses came out and they put the unconscious Eva on a stretcher,pushing it to the ICU,

“Sir,you’ve to wait here.” The nurse said and closed the door,leaving Davis with Tyler outside.

Tyler tapped Davis,he looked at the boy and saw the child was worried sick.

Since he couldn’t talk,he pointed at the door and spread his arm,
Gesturing to Davis,
What had happened to his mommy?
Davis knelt beside the boy and placed his arms on the boy’s shoulder,

“Mommy accidentally hurt herself when she was talking to me.” He lied,he couldn’t tell the child that he’d let his anger override him and he almost raped her.
Tyler frowned,
He spread him little arms again,

“She’d wanted to get a glass of water but the water spilled on the floor and she slipped on it.” He lied,
The boy knew he was lying,
He’d heard them arguing on something and his mommy was raising her voice at him.

Though he didn’t really know what they were arguing on,he knew it was about Uncle Adrian,
Cause he over heard Uncle Davis calling Uncle Adrian’s name more that once.
He took the initiative and texted Adrian to tell him that Uncle Davis was fighting with his mommy.

Unknown to them,Tyler had been contacting Adrian since they came back to New York,
Though they haven’t spoken due to the boy’s condition but they been texting themselves,
With Adrian always asking about Eva.

He was quite sad and happy that she’s getting along with Davis but till some few weeks ago when Tyler texted him that his mommy isn’t felling well and she isn’t happy in New York.

He didn’t want to involve himself again, creating a rift between the two.
What he wanted actually was to make sure Eva’s happy even if it means him sacrificing his love for her but when Tyler texted him a few minutes ago that Eva and Davis were fighting and Uncle Davis has been calling his name since.

He figured something out,
Eva hasn’t been happy as he’d envisioned it,
She needs him now.

But what if Tyler was just exaggerating things and they weren’t really fighting?
What if it was just a minor argument?

He couldn’t think straight,
In fact for the past three months,he hasn’t been thinking straight,
Shutting Eva completely wasn’t an easy thing to do,
He has tried to forget her and live his life of solitude like it did before but it was hard.
He has tried to blend into the Lycan’s life and act as one of them but each time he does that,a memory of her just drag him back and he stays in his chamber,
His chamber of solitude and loneliness.
He felt more miserable as the day goes by.

Uncle Sola couldn’t help but notice the drastic change in his nephew,
He tried cheering the boy by doing what they always do when Adrian was younger but none brought happiness to him.

At first Lucas,who has never cared about his step brother was quite happy that Eva left but as times goes by he started watching his brother slip into depression,
He became worried,
Unlike before when Adrian challenged him to everything,
Now he doesn’t involve himself in anything,
He doesn’t challenge him and act like he’s in his own little world.
Most times he stays in his chamber all day long and doesn’t speak to anyone.
Lucas became worried,he summoned his Uncle.

“Uncle,do you think Adrian is being this way because of that human woman?” He asked the man concerned,
He might not be on good terms with Adrian but he’s still his younger brother.
“I don’t think so,I know it because of her,” The man said,
“I know Adrian hasn’t been much an active Lycans since he was a kid but now,its not about his not wanting to be a Lycans,it’s that woman.” The man sated as a matter of fact.

“So what do we do?” Lucas asked,
“Well I think we should look for her and bring them together.” Uncle Sola suggested,
Lucas frowned,
His uncle should know the implications of being bringing a human to the Lycan’s Field.

The man looks made Lucas kept shut,
“Call a meeting of all Lycans tonight,I want to speak with time.” The man said,
Lucas was dumbfounded, he hadn’t expected his Uncle to be irrational.
“Okay.” He left the room.

Adrian had decided to go to New York,
He wants to be with Eva,if it means fighting Davis for her,
If it means fighting his people and his family,
If it means repeating history,
He’ll stay with Eva and love her and her son the best way he would.

To be continued.

Go Adrian go.

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