June 14, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 47

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 47

(The Beautiful Me)

“Are you for real?” I asked in astonishment

“I’m sorry baby but it seems to me like you forcing things on me and I do not like that.” He said

“No,just tell me the truth, the rumour are true right? So why disturb yourself on me. It’s obvious you love her ,why call me? Why want to see me ? Why have anything to do with me?” I said raising my voice in anger.

“Calm down please , I really love you and I loathe that secretary. You can resume work as my secretary as soon as I get better and you begin to nurse me too. What other proves do you need to know that I love you!” He asked.

I sighed and looked away.

He struggled to come close to me. “Dear ,you haven’t even agreed to be my girlfriend yet.”

“Maybe when I confirm that you have no feelings for her “I replied and stood with my purse.

“Where to?”

“Show me my room for the time being, how is your leg?” I asked.

“Getting better ” I said and he stood and escorted me to the room I will be lodging for the time being.

About few hours later ,I was in the room when I heard his brother saying; “you disappoint me brother ,this girl here or beautiful but I do not like her, I loathe her attitude”

“You did not have to like her , she’s my girlfriend” The boss said.

“Your girlfriend ? No! no , you can’t refer to this rude arrogant thing as your girlfriend plus she has not even agreed yet. I’m bringing Rachael back” His brother said.

“It’s your choice to bring Rachael back ,just tell her to stay in her Lane and not talk to me ” The boss said.

“Fine” His brother replied and I could hear departure of foots.

I exhaled and went to sit on the bed.

This is serious! If he wants the ugly me to come ,how would I do it.

Well ,I’m smart enough to know what answer to give him.

About two hours later ,I stood planning to check up on his leg as his nurse when a message popped up on the phone of the ugly me and it reads;

“You ugly thing ,my brother would invite you over to my place , make sure you obey him!”

What ! Is that a typographical error?

Maybe he wants to write ‘make sure you did not obey him?”

Cause I would not want to believe he wants to around again.

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