June 20, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 24 and 25

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 24
Nadia’s POV
‘Dad don’t you get it? Harry insulted me. Do something,’ I said but dad seems not bothered.
‘Stop causing trouble, it’s almost costing me the school,’ he said ruefully.
‘Dad, you need to punish him,’ I yelled.
‘Shut up, the school is at risk all because of you and your stupid proudness. If the school is taken where will you go? Back to poverty, is that what you want?’ he asked angrily.
I stormed out of his study room.
He has always defended me but ever since that girl came he does nothing but yell at me. I will deal with her tomorrow.
Sofia’s POV
After school I went home praying I don’t get mom and my prayers were answered. We got inside the house and got a letter mom had written for us.
‘I won’t come home for two nights. Stay safe and be good girls, I love you all.’
I jumped up happily. I went upstairs, had a bath and changed into blue shorts and a pink singlet.
I took flat shoes and ran downstairs to meet Lily and Glenn playing video games.
‘Are you going somewhere?’ Lily asked.
‘I’m going to meet up with Harry,’
‘Is it a date?’
‘Not really, just going out,’
‘Okay, take it slow it’s just the first date,’ she said with a smirk.
‘Don’t over think,’ I said and left the house.
I wanted to take the car but mum will be angry with me. She doesn’t trust me driving on the road alone.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 25
Harry’s POV
I took a taxi to the restaurant but she wasn’t there. I waited for a while and thought that maybe she changed her mind. I walked out disappointed and wanted to leave but met her outside.
‘I’m sorry I got stuck on traffic,’ she said apologetically.
I felt relieved and we went back inside.
‘You look beautiful,’ I said.
‘Thank you,’ she said with a smile.
‘I got you this,’ I said and handed her the chain I bought on my way here.
‘Thank you, put it own,’ she said and turned to enable me help her.
‘You like it?’
‘I love it. It’s beautiful,’
‘Let’s order something,’ I said and pulled the chair for her.
Sofia’s POV
I feel happy, the chain is just pretty. I will treasure it. It looks expensive, where did he get the money to buy it? I hope he didn’t sacrifice much.
‘How much does it cost?’ I decided to ask just to know.
‘Not much, I bought it with my savings,’ he said.
‘You made that big sacrifice for me, I will treasure it. Thank you so much,’ I said and he only smiled.
‘Can I take you somewhere else?’ he asked when were done with the food.
‘Somewhere I love,’
‘It won’t take long? I need to be home early because my mum isn’t home,’ I said and he nodded.
‘Let’s go then,’ I said and stood up.

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