August 5, 2021

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The Billionaire’s Surrogate. Chapter 35

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Seeing the boy leave in sadness,Andre wasn’t happy,
Not that he didn’t want to take the boy to the Fair, just that he wanted Justin to go meet Gianna and Reid,
He wanted his son to meet his mother and his twin brother.

He’d promised Gianna he will let her meet the boy,so he wanted to use their birthday as a great opportunity to reunite mother and son.

But since the boy want to go to the Fair, hell allow him,
He left his room and headed to the boy’s room.
The door wasn’t locked,so he opened it,

Justin was sitting on the floor,with back facing the door.
“How dare you enter my room without knocking?” Justin asked the intruder,
Thinking it was one of the maids.

He picked his dart and threw it at the person not looking back.
Andre seeing the dart come towards him,he caught it with his hand right before the dart hit him.

“Is that how you welcome your father into your room?” Andre asked the boy turned and saw his father,

He stood up immediately and went to the man,
The man placed his hands on his son’s head,
“You want to go to the Fair?” He asked him,
The boy shook his head,

“Don’t worry,I’ll take you there tomorrow.” The boy’s face lit up,

“Yeah,I’ll come back home early tomorrow and we’ll both go there.” He announced,
The wrapped his arms around his father in a tight hug,

“Thanks daddy.”
Seeing the boy happy,his mood lightened,
Wish Reid is as soft and nice as his brother.

The next day,Andre went to the office like always but came home earlier.
The boy was waiting for him at the gazebo and immediately the man came out from his car,
He rushed to him and both father and son went inside not minding stares fromThe Old Man and Jasmine.

Awhile later,the duo came out with matching outfits, clutching his mini bag ,Justin took his father’s hand and they both got into his Bentley and was driven away.

People couldn’t take their eyes off them as they walked through the VIP pass.
“Such a handsome pair.”
“Is he married? I don’t mind be his mistress and he sire me some cute offspring.”

Women and ladies were drooling as the father and son passed.
Andre paid deaf ears to all the comment,taking his son closer,
They swayed their way past the crowd.

As they walled around looking for what best to do there,
Justin spotted two familiar figures walking towards them and he frowned,

Why can’t I just enjoy a peaceful birthday without this two witches coming to ruin it before it starts?

“Uncle!” The younger of the girls ran to Andre,he scooped the girl of about six years up while the older girl who’s eighteen watched as the man carried her sister with great happiness.

The girls are his father’s cousins from his maternal side.
Their father and his grandmother were siblings before the latter passed away.
The girl,Enya and Enxi Smith are the only daughters of Smiths family and were treated with great care and showered lot of love.

Andre was very fond of Enya cause she looks a lot like his mom and had been his greatest solace when she passed away.

“Justin,I heard today’s your birthday,” The older girl said while Justin looked at her and her sister with great disdain.

“Happy Birthday boy.” She ruffled his hair.

“Uncle,I want ice cream then I want to play with those plushies.” The younger girl pointed to the Plushies at the arcade shops,

Seeing her being carried by his father made Justin so angry and jealous.

“Hmm,let’s go get your ice cream first then I’ll get you those plushies.” Andrea said to the girl,

The trio walked towards the Ice Cream Parlour while Justin slowly walked behind so that his father would notice him and call him but Andre was so engrossed with the little girl and her sister he forgot about his son.

I hate these girls.

Seeing his father walk away without calling him,Justin hastened his step and caught up with them as they got into the Ice Cream Parlour.

“Justin,you stay here with Enxi,I and Enya would get you guys some ice cream.” Andre said,keeping the lil girl on the chair,

Why can’t the demon take care of her self?

The adults left before he’d a chance to answer,
Him not wanting to talk to the girl,took out a seat farther from hers and sat down there staring at his watch.

“Let me have a look at your watch.” Enxi stood up and walked to him,
He ignored her completely,

She frowned,

“I want to have a look at it.” She forcefully dragged his hand,
Feeling annoyed at her rude behavior,he took his hands from hers forcefully.

“Let go of me you monster.” He blurted,
“Go and get your….”
Hearing him say those hurtful words and calling her a monster,she got angry,
Then rushed forward and bit his arms,

“Aargh!” Justin pushed her away and she fell down,hitting her head on the table’s feets.

Andre and Enya came back to see Enxi wailing uncontrollably on the floor while Justin stood by and watched in confusion too.

The bitten area had a sore and very painful mark but he didn’t want to cry like this girl,
But soon,he wished he’d cried like she did,

‘What happened here?” Andre asked,taking the child up,
The more he consoled,the louder she wailed.

‘What happened to you?” Enya asked her sister,
The girl pointed at Justin,
“He pushed me away.” She said,

Justin frowned,
What a little liar?
Why isn’t she telling them she’d bitten him earlier?
She’s a liar.

Andre turned to his son,
“Did you push her away?” He asked the boy,

“Did you push her? Yes or no.” Andre asked more sternly,

The little guy wanted to lie but he kknew his father,
Eventually, he’ll find out and will punish him severely for telling a lie,

So he nodded,

“Uncle let’s call the ambulance, Enxi had sustained a head injury and it’s bleeding.” Enya said,
Her sister might be a troublesome pest but that shouldn’t have warrant Justin pushing her to the floor and making her hurt herself.

Enya brought out her cell and called the Emergency ,
Soon after,the ambulance came and Enxi was carried to a stretcher.

“Uncle please go with me,I’m scared.” The girl cried,

As Andre walked into the ambulance, he caught sight of someone,
Principal Lee,

What’s the man doing here?

“Manager Lee,someone’s looking for you down there.” A man rushed up to the principal and told him,Andre overheard the conversation.

“Who’s that?” He asked the staff,

“Well it’s a little boy,says his name his Reid.” The man replied,

The principal froze,
“The boss is here.” He muttered as he followed the man.

Who’s this boss?
And which Reid are they referring to?

He wanted to get down from the ambulance and go confront the men but Enxi’s little hands pulled him back,

“Uncle,you’re not leaving me right?” The girl asked him,he turned to her and smiled.

“No.” He sat beside her.

“Justin,come in side let’s go.” He said to his son who stood outside the ambulance and looked at them like they were strangers.

“No,I’m not going with her,she’s bad.” TThe boy blurted pointing at Enxi who was lying on the stretcher with a white cloth wrapped around her head.

“Justin get inside.” He ordered firmly but the boy stood his ground

Why was he given two hardhearted sons?

“No,you chose her over me,so I’m not going with you.” The boy turned and left,

Andre came out immediately the boy left,seeing him get blend in the crowd,

He called two staffs,
“Keep a close eye on my son for me till I get back.” He ordered then got back into the ambulance as it drove away.

Not that he didn’t care about the boy,
He trusted the boys abilities.
He might not be a genius like Reid but the boy’s strong and smart, he can defend himself any where.

When Justin was sure the car had left,he sat by a corner,
I hate birthdays,
What’s the use of having one when your father chose another kid to you.

He picked up a pebble and threw it to the empty space in front of him.

His watch beeped,he looked at it
His watch was pairing with another via Bluetooth Connectivity.

He check the second party with his GPS tracker and it shows the person was in the Fair and very close by.

Justin stood up from the seat and looked around,
He saw no one suspicious but his watched continued beeping.
He was about turning it off when his eyes met a mother and son duo not far from him.

The boy looks exactly like him from far.
He stood up quickly and went in the direction the mother and son duo had taken.

To be


Gianna and Reid went to the arcades shop cause of the long queue there,

“Maybe they’re doing something very interesting there.” She said as she fiddled with the boy’s finger.

They were Muppets,Plushies and Stuffed toys in every counter,

“Shoot ten balls in five second and get one Plushies.” The man in the arcade shop announced to all and sundry.

“Mommy I want that one.” Reid pointed to the big white Plushies that hung in front of the shop,

“You want it?” She asked the boy and he nodded,

“Sir,I want to try it.” She handed her ticket to the man while he slot it through his payment machine.

“You go in.” Hr showered her to the shooting box,

The Boys Bolster gun was a bit heavy,so it took her time to raise it up,

”Go!” The man said and she began to shoot,
It wasn’t as easy as shed earlier thought,
The balls were slippery,so most times the fake bullet slip through them and they don’t get punctured easily.

At the elapse of time,she only burst seven balls.
“Miss you tried but you busted only seven balls.” The man smiled at her and have her back her ticket,

“Reid sorry mommy couldn’t get you that Plushies.” She apologized to her son as they walked away from the shops.

Justin had seen the anticipation in the boy’s eyes when his mother was playing and having her lose,the boy was disappointed but didn’t show it.

When the mother and son duo left,he stepped into the shop and gave the man his ticket.

“Hey boy where are your parents?” The
man asked him,

“They’re talking with college mate down there.” He randomly pointed outside,

“Okay.” The man allowed him inside,


Instead of shooting first,Justin disassembled the gun,then setting the gun to a more faster frequency ,
When his time elapsed,

He’d shot twelve balls,
“Awesome!” The man exclaimed seeing how efficient and fast the child was,

“Now give me my Plushies.” He said to the man when another man walked inside the shop,

“I want that Plushies.’

Immediately he said it,Justin frowned,
” Sir,I already have it.”

“And who’re you?” The mam asked Justin,
The boys lip curved in a smile.

“Who I am doesn’t matter,what matters here is my Plushies.”

“I don’t think you can have it boy,go tell your daddy to get you another one.”

The shipowner turned to the man,
“The boy already played the game and he shot twelve ball Sir, so I think the kid have it.”

“How can a little boy like this shoot twelves ball under five seconds, lies.”

“Sir he actually did it.” The shop keeper convinced but the man was adamant to believe him,

“Since you claim he just shot twelve balls under five seconds,let the both of us play a challenge.
Whoever gets the highest point has the Plushies.” The man suggested,

Justin nodded,
He was going to get his look alike that Plushies and that’s a must.

He accepted the challenge,
“I accept but one a conditions that if I win,not only will I get the Plushies, you’ll give me another to compensate me for wasting my time.” He said,

The man nodded,
He wasn’t going to lose in front of a mere kid
When his girlfriend is waiting for him and expecting him to come back with the Plushies.

The game began and like the other,
Justin reset the Boys Bolsters,

Why he does that is that,the gun is being adjusted to a low frequency,when it’s shot,the bullet got no force and mostly slips away but whenever it’s brought to its highest frequency,

The bullet comes out with great force and with one aim,it can burst two or three ball.

When their time elapsed,the man and Justin came out from their respective boxes.
The man was confident he was going to win the little boy.

The owner of the shop came out,
“And here’s the result for the challenge,
This Mister here just scored twenty seven points under ten seconds,” The man leaped in joy,

He was sure that the boy can’t score up to that,
“While the little boy here scored thirty eight points under ten seconds.” Everyone yelped,

Justin smiled and looked at the man,
“You’ve just lost to an eight year old boy,
What a shame?”

He took the Plushies from the shopkeeper and walked away to look for that boy and his mother.

Reid and Gianna where entering the dark tunnel when the boy spot something moving towards the tunnel,

How come this Plushies is walking?

He left his mother’s hand and walked towards the person who seem to be walking to his direction.

The Plushies was coming faster towards him and he was walking slowly towards it,
Rubbing his eyes at interval to see he wasn’t day dreaming of a walking Plushies.

“Reid!” Gianna called,the boy turned back and saw his mommy calling him,he ran back to her,

Mommy’s call is more important than anything.

Seeing the boy leave and walled towards the woman,
He felt a pinprick of jealousy.

He rushed towards them and were just right behind them when they went into the Dark Tunnel,
The attendant seeing him thought he was with them,so he allowed him inside.

The tunnel was a bit dim,so he just followed them from a little distance,
The boy and his mother were still walking down the tunnel when he saw another figure follow them.

He increased his pace to be closer to them and slightly caught a glimpse of something,
The man was holding gun and he’s hiding it under his shirt.

Who’s this man and why’s he with a gun?

He ran towards the man and brushed passed him to get to the boy and his mother before the man does but the man shot at him,

Luckily,he dodged the bullet using the Plushies as his armour.

With the sound of the gunshot people started running helter smelter,he tan towards the boy and his mommy,
He pulled the boy beside him,
“Someone wants to hurt you and your mommy.” Justin told Reid,

“What?” The younger boy shouted,
Justin nodded,

“The man just shot at me thinking it was you,so you have to…
” Dodge!”Another shot came from behind them,

Fortunately, Justin saw it on time and pushed his brother down,

“What’s happening?” Reid shouted in the commotion,

“I don’t know.” He dragged the boy with him,

“Wait let me get my mommy.” Reid wanted to pull of but Justin’s grip was tighter,

“No,the man’s back there and will get you if you go back.” The dragged the boy and they began to run.

The man getting a sight of the boy’s running went after them

To be continued.

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