August 3, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 28

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???????? The Boss and His Employee????????

???? Episode 28????

Hayley’s POV

Tears gushed out of my eyes as I pressed Larry’s wound waiting for the ambulance I’ve called. This burden is too much for me to handle, I’m too young to be undergoing this pain. When did Larry became this selfish to the extent of killing himself leaving me alone in this world.

He is all I have but he chose to die this way . If this is what happens in love for people to commit suicide because of heartbreaks then I will never fall in love. I can’t bear the pain my brother is going right now , Larry was a strong person but love weakened him .

He used to be my pillar of strength but now it’s going the other way around.

The ambulance came and he was rushed to the hospital , they wheeled him inside and I trailed behind. My hands and clothes are soaked in blood , my head is spinning and I don’t have a shoulder to cry on.

I wish Charlene was here because she was all I have , I never thought we’ll be separated this way . I hate Larry for being stupid but I still love him because it’s useless to hate my only relative .

As for Gabriella, I think I made a mistake by saving her from being shot she should have died by now . I detest her and her face disgusts me , I hope we’ll never meet.

I’ve been crying on my own for hours waiting for the doctors to tell me the results but they’re taking too long . I sighted two doctors coming out of the theater and rushed towards them .

“You’re Mr Howard’s sister right?” One of them asked with a dull face and I nodded a countless times in agreement.

“The operation was successful but he needs a blood donor and here we couldn’t find his blood group,” he said and sighed.

“He’s my brother so I will donate mine,” I said to them .

“Good for us because we might lose we might lose him if we can’t find a match ,” the other one said.

“Follow me so we can do a few tests on your blood,” with that said, I followed them .

They took my blood and started their job .

“Are you sure you’re his blood sister ?,” he asked with a frown.

“Yes doc ,” I replied confidently.

“I’m sorry to say this but the blood sample I took here doesn’t match with the type of blood we’re looking for,” he finally said and those words kept on ringing in my ears .

” No no no no is this some kind of prank doctor,” I asked because I can’t believe what I’m hearing. How can Larry’s blood and mine differs? This is impossible.

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